Hi! I have made few…


I have made few changes to my site. Please take a look and let me know what you think about the site. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.



Hello all. How are you…

Hello all. How are you doing? It has become customary for me to go awol for few months and come back with ‘I’m back’ post :). This time with some life lessons. Corporate Life Lessons.

Let me know what you think.


Hello all! Here is my…

Hello all!

Here is my post about Chasing Dreams

Good day!

hello all! Today I have…

hello all! Today I have posted something in relation to previous post of mine.
How not to be a stupid

@ericmwalker – Thanks for offering to help! You don’t know what you have invited. 😀

Hello people! A timeless advice…

Hello people!

A timeless advice on how to lose your followers in a weekend.


hello all, We are writing…

hello all,

We are writing a horror story through crowd writing (Chain writing). Please find the chapters below:
Trepidation – Chapter 1
Trepidation – Chapter 2 (Shameless plug – I wrote this. )

Please leave a message in the website if you would like to be a part of this or any other genre in the site.


Hi there, everyone! Hope you…

Hi there, everyone! Hope you are keeping well. I have been gone from the blogging world for about 6 months now. Work pressure, you see!

The reason I am here is not because I have a new post. I don’t. 🙂 . One of my cousins has started this blog for collaborative fiction writing. A person starts a genre of fiction and then nominates someone else for the second chapter who nominates someone else for third chapter and so on.


Please take a look and feel free to leave your comments, suggestions in the contact page. If you wish you contribute, please feel free to drop a message in the contact page.


New post – What have…

New post – What have you become?
Would appreciate your feedback and comments.


hello! hope everyone is doing…

hello! hope everyone is doing great. I posted after a four-months long hibernation. Would appreciate your feedback/comment. Me, astrology and data science.

Hello all, Today, I posted…

Hello all,

Today, I posted about the consequences of the laziness as told by a Tamil poet 2000 years ago. Please read it here and let me know your comments.