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A new post in my blog. Find, then forward.
Would love to hear your feedback.


Hello, Hope you had a…


Hope you had a great Christmas. I have two posts in my blog today.
1. A story in a single image– recounting my recent vacation. For #BloggingU
2. Tsunami 2004 – Reliving the memories of the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 that happened on this day.

Would love to hear your feedbacks.


#bloggingu A new post in…

A new post in my blog about Choice. Cheers!

#bloggingu Hi all, My entry…

Hi all,
My entry for the day 2 exercise in Writing – Finding Everyday Inspiration is about the books I read in 2016. Appreciate your feedback and comments.

Wish you and your family a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

#bloggingu Hi all, I signed…

Hi all,

I signed up for the blogging university course Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration. Here is the day one exercise.

I would appreciate your comments/feedbacks.


Hello all! Hope you are…

Hello all! Hope you are keeping well. It’s been two months since I visited blogging world. It’s heartwarming to see so many people contributing and continuing this community. Cheers!

I managed to post something in my blog after a long time. Here’s my account of my scuba diving experience. Link.

Hello, all! New post in…

Hello, all!

New post in my blog. Dilemma. Appreciate comments and feedbacks.


Hello people! I always bite…

Hello people!

I always bite more than what I can chew. I have signed up for one more BloggingU course “Writing: Shaping your story.” The first topic is to find an angle in my posts. And I am struggling with this exercise. I thought I would reach out to you and get your feedback. Any help is much appreciated. Here is my link

Pointless & Prosaic

Thanks in advance. Cheers!


Hello all! Hope you all are keeping well. Here is my not-so-simple post on Simplicity for today’s prompt.


Hello, everyone! Dropping by after…

Hello, everyone! Dropping by after quite some time. Lots of positive changes to the site. Kudos! And a lot of posts to catch up. I will be stress testing my mouse scroller today, I guess!