The Adventurous Foodie

Hello friends this is Shandra from Shandra’s Food Adventures and I have a new page The Adventurous Foodie Podcast and Blog here on WordPress. Please be so kind to follow this wonderful page

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Hey, join me at Shandra Thomas on the Wix app to easily stay updated and get in touch with me on the go.
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YouTube Watch: A Touching Moment

A Touching Moment with Randy Travis

Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Scenery

Wordless Wednesday: Walking Ducks

My Torchy’s Tacos Experience

This morning my husband and I had a good breakfast at Torchy’s Tacos 🌮 and I will not regret it!!!

Blessings for the New Years

Happy New Years Blogging Community and may your blessings and wishes come true!!

Happy New Year 🎈🎊🎆 

Happy New Year blogger world 🌎 and have a blessed day 🎉❤️️🎊🎁😋

The Adventurous Foodie Blog 

Correction on the previous link. It’s Apologies for the inconvenience ❤️

The Adventurous Foodie Blog 

Hello everyone in the blogosphere, this is Shandra from and I released my second website called The Adventurous Foodie and the link is Thank you for your support 😃