Hey guys. I did it…

Hey guys. I did it again…crashed my main blog site. There is a disconnect between jetpack and obsolete childhood so that my posts no longer post. here’s how to find me now.

am I being published?

Can someone…anyone really, check and see if Obsolete Childhood’s posts are being published correctly to the feed? I had to disconnect the jetpack due to a glitch within my theme and now can’t find where my daily posts or general posts are going. I find nothing at all since 3 days ago, and have posted a BUNCH…………I know my email subscribers are getting them but the general audience may not be.

I’d appreciate someone checking for me. thanks

a follower was arbitrarily banned…

a follower was arbitrarily banned from commenting from my site today. Is there some hidden office within my blog somewhere that grabs followers and says “no. YOU can’t write a comment today!” I can’t figure out where to look for her ip address and unblock it. wait a sec. I HAVE her ip address (I figured that out)..is there a place that HIDES ip addresses to block them without me knowing about it?

Suze’s silly question time has…

Suze’s silly question time has once again arrived! (yea!) so…how do I repost a blog post I posted before but wish to post again…mainly because I am bored and can no longer stand to talk politics or plumbing…not that I was talking about plumbing….but I could have been and it would be boring.
What was I asking? oh yea…reposting something old. HOW? lol

Is anyone else having an…

Is anyone else having an issue with sentences copying themselves in a blog post? I keep finding entire sentences that have mysteriously copied themselves in my posts. I KNOW I am not copying and pasting them, nor am I have a brain glitch.
It only happens in my WP editor. Anyone else? Is this a glitch? do I need to contact the geekette?

What goals do you have…

What goals do you have for your blog? Want to make money? Just write for its own sake? or something in between?

Gee thanks JoyfultoBee for getting…

Gee thanks JoyfultoBee for getting me to start this off…no kidding. I am thankful. This community for me started out as an online blogging course and changed into so much more. This site was for us to still connect with our classmates..a place to share, to brag, to weep and sorrow and have others interact with us. It has been a blessing..and an extreme annoyance at times.

So, here’s a question to get a conversation started..
How would you describe the “perfect” community chat page to others just coming in; what kinds of posts would you expect to see?

For me, I would love to see things along the lines of a VERY brief explanation of a post you have written or read with a link..then a question about it. Get people reading what interests me and receive feedback, both positive and negative.