Okay…for all techno geeks and…

Okay…for all techno geeks and geekettes…I have yet another question and neither my son (the actual geek) or his daughter (the serious geekette) is available to answer…….so here it is.
I created an instagram account and actually managed to connect to the blog and fb (I am so proud of me)…now, how do I post a picture? it is, after all, a photo sharing type of social media thingy. Is this one of those things that if the picture doesn’t come from a phone then there’s no way to upload it? So did I just waste three hours connecting things that ultimately I can not use since I own a phone…it’s JUST a phone. It doesn’t even leave my desk due to the wires! Any and all answers to any of the above questions highly appreciated, even if they don’t help the situation!

To all of those that…

To all of those that have thought in the past “Suze never edits” or “Suze writes on the spur of the moment”………just wanted to say…..I have ALL of the April a-z challenge posts written, edited, and scheduled to post on the appropriate days. Yes I do TOO! No arguments from the peanut gallery if you please. I can now sit back and watch WP do all my work for me and concentrate on the daily prompts and answering blogs with semi-snark and hopefully humor!
Hopefully I will find the time to write something so incredibly awful that my bloggery buddy and semi-professional-retired editor Steven will deign to remark upon it.

#yesterdaybest Day late but not…

#yesterdaybest Day late but not a dollar short. My neighbor came over and for no reason besides his “being bored” started to weed my veggie garden. Turned a horrible job into fun through sharing stories of childhood.

Would you rather be a…

Would you rather be a wombat or a weevil? a doofus or a dingbat? A star or a rising star?

the no theme theme gets another post……..

I thought I didn’t have a theme so I wrote the theme reveal post saying I have a “no theme” theme, except I thought of a theme I really would like to do except I am not sure it is a theme actually. I am babbling again, aren’t I?

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politics as Unusual?

Minimal attention is being paid to the multiple bills now working their way through the US Congress due to the nonsense spouting forth daily from POTUS45. Some of these bills are ludicrous, some are definitely frightening when one considers the repercussions.

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Oklahoma work ethic

I am bumfuzzled, amazed and astonished. The sewer line in our back yard that leads to the city line in the back alley is almost repaired. The young man replacing it for us is the next door neighbor’s son..who already works a full-time job..and a part time job..and takes care of three rental homes for […]

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it still doesn’t answer the question

My friend Steven Sawyer caught my eye this morning with his post “Are you a sea of galilee or a dead sea believer”, and I started to think about what kind of believer am I anyway? Well, of course I also started thinking about my trips to Israel and Egypt; how could I not after…

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self doubt wins the day

immerse To plunge into a liquid, to baptise, bury or throw oneself into something whole-heartedly. As I sit here in front of my computer keyboard, staring blankly at the monitor, I wonder why I ever thought that immersing myself into the world of Bloggery would fulfill some wretched need in me. Do I ever share anything […]

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Steven’s challenge taken…..dancing for the Lord

Let the record reflect that I know it is not only permissible but encouraged to dance, whatever day of the week. Steven Sawyer and I sometimes carry on discussions of which mere mortals would be wary. We discuss religion, politics, sexual orientation and other absolutely forbidden subjects should one wish to remain of friendly terms. Not only to…

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