Happy Thursday

Hiya…..I have been trying to channel my inner Carrie from Sex in the City… I have a few posts I have written in the last few months, hope you enjoy them 🙂 Happy Thursday fellow writers 🙂


Hi….new post today. It is…

Hi….new post today. It is about how the words other say to us in a negative way stay with us forever. I hope you check it out when you have a moment.

Also….New Followers to https://letsgostreaking.com/ I…

Also….New Followers to https://letsgostreaking.com/ I thank you for finding and following our humble blog. My appreciation to you! Thank you 🙂

https://letsgostreaking.com/ I am changing pictures…

I am changing pictures on my blog…but for some reason, though WordPress is telling me a couple of my pages in fact really do have separate pics…they are not showing up. I feel like I am missing something for making each page pop up with its own image….hhmmm…any thoughts? Thanks!

I am trying to generate…

I am trying to generate a list of things you SHOULD do…please add to my list if you can. Thank you!!!

Hi…I have several posts and…

Hi…I have several posts and book reviews I have been working on. I even have a book giveaway on my site too! Check it out 🙂 https://letsgostreaking.com/

@stevesaw Here is the article…

Here is the article I wrote that I told you about…months and months ago. It was finally published.
The article is called, Undignified Dance.

The latest…

Hi bloggers!

I have the latest installment in the series I was writing about…hope you like it.


I have a question. When…

I have a question. When I create a new “page” how then do I post a new post on that page? I was wanting to make new pages so I could add ongoing things to them…but the original post comes up instead of a blank place to write a new post. Hhmmmm confused.


I have been working on prepping back end stuff on my blog site. I am in the process of adding a new page. If you have a prayer for intimacy you would like me to add, one you say from your own heart or one directly from the Bible, I would LOVE to add it to my page. Let me know if you have one please!!!! Many thanks! 🙂
Prayers for Intimacy