Are You Using the New Blocks Editor?

I’m not sure if anyone has posted about this, but has anyone here tried the new Blocks editor on WordPress? It has replaced the last advanced editor (but we still have the Classic editor).

Right now, it seems pretty straightforward, even for those who haven’t looked into advanced instructions for optimizing its use (like me). However, I still don’t like it that much. For one thing, I’m not sure how to integrate HTML elements in it without messing up the layout. For that, I would have to go to the Classic editor.

Does anyone here have similar concerns or others about this new Blocks system?


My Post for July 7, 2017

It’s still July 7th where I am and I just published a post with the theme of 7.

Famous Sayings: #69 — ‘Lucky Number 7’

It’s similar to my first post about the number 13.

Independence Day Posts

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re enjoying your day/evening.

Last year, I made a couple of posts around Independence Day that are still some of my personal favorites.

Famous Sayings: #17 — ‘The Land of the Free…’

I Explicate: The New Colossus

I also made a new post today about the history of fireworks.

Why Do We Use Fireworks on the Fourth of July?

Why do you think pyrotechnics became a fixture on Independence Day in the United States? Well, I have a few answers and they’re all pretty interesting.

Today, I published a new…

Today, I published a new post and I had so much fun doing the research for it.

Famous Sayings: #68 — ‘Stubborn As a Mule’

In some ways, it’s connected to a previous post I wrote:

Famous Sayings: #63 — ‘[As] Strong As an Ox’

Commemorating Juneteenth

Today is Juneteenth, so I thought I would make a post about it:
I Want to Commemorate Juneteenth

Please check it out.

Social Media

Hi all, is there a way for us to quickly connect on social media?

I know a number of us have started Facebook pages and have Twitter accounts.

Should we promote them here?

New Weekly Feature?

Hi All,

Today, I just published a news roundup. This might be a new feature, depending on the feedback I get. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

News Roundup (Week of Nov. 13-19, 2016)