#ShareYourMisery – New link up

“Misery loves company, so if you’re feeling like you need to share your feelings without any other outlet, then this #ShareYourMisery linky is for you.”

My blogging comrade in dad blogging Papa Tont has created a blog link up for people to share their blogs on mental health, grief and all the other areas of struggle.  The link up is different in that there are no commenting requirements.  You can post your blog so others can read of your experiences and feel less alone or get support.

It comes from always being the odd one out in general link ups which are more geared towards happier material.  This is a link up that recognises that inspiration doesn’t always come from the light.

Share Your Misery



Guest bloggers

Hello everyone,

After being quiet on the blogging front I’ve been hugely busy with at least three posts this week!  That’s not why I’m here though.

I had someone leave a really long comment on one of my older posts.  It was brilliant, a different perspective and written so well with a huge gut punch.

It seemed a shame that it would be hidden away in a little read post so I asked if the blogger would mind if I used it for a guest post.  She agreed, did some tweaks and the result is below.





Hello! Don’t know the etiquette…

Hello! Don’t know the etiquette on linkies so I will post for now and can remove if not appropriate!

A blogging friend of mine is starting her own linky and is looking for bloggers to join so you can share your blogs, discover new ones and all manner of fun things.


These are excellent prompts! My…

These are excellent prompts!

My latest post is based on two WordPress daily prompts: Locked and Abandoned.


It’s not a happy post.

Been away from blogging so…

Been away from blogging so my latest post is about musical discoveries and memories. Features lots of videos and tunes covering aliens, pirates, steampunk, Prince and some very odd country.


It seems most of my…

It seems most of my blogging activity is at the tail end of the week!

I have another recommendations post:
and a new one in defence of childish things
The latter makes use of youtube clips, comics and images to make it more interesting. It’s provoked some good debates so I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Hello everyone! Been a bit…

Hello everyone! Been a bit quiet this week so I’m making up for lost time.
Blog recommendations!
Rants about shoddy journalism!
Tricky parenting questions!

A little late but here’s…

A little late but here’s a post on some of the great blogs I’ve read this week.


Hello everyone! I posted a…

Hello everyone!
I posted a link to my #liebsteraward post in the Blogger Index but it makes more sense to put it here!
May be a good prompt for your blogs either by answering one, some or all of the questions.