Cause men don’t bleed…

They cry and shudder
At the thought of threat
A simple goodbye
Or heavy heart break

It hurts when she leaves
It hurts when she lies
It hurts twice as bad
When there’s no scope to try

Under the dim lights
Pondering the depth of life
The last lesson learned
The unfair trial

And those late nights left
In solitude and silence
That crashing flower vase
That shifting balance

“Don’t cry like a girl”
There ain’t no need
Men cry harder
Cause they don’t bleed.

Back after a brief break

Hey fellow bloggers!

Writing has intrinsically been a part of my life since I remember being myself. Over that course of a year, I took a break, to stop and notice the changing landscape around me. And now that I feel confident and comfortable about my own identity, the period of silence has come to an end (hopefully!).

So here’s my latest blog post, after almost a year of being away from WordPress.

Happy Reading!!

Back to Blogging

Hey everyone!

Because of some personal commitments I could not post much in all these days. But it looks great to be back to blogging.

So, sharing with you my new post- “If the night were day”. Please leave your feedback. Thanks!

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New start

Hi everyone,

I’m sparsh Sehgal from

Today is my first day here and it seems so exciting and refreshing to be a part of a community once again after the blogging U courses. I’m sure it’s going to be a yet another enriching and learning experience for me as a young blogger.

I would like to share a bit about myself as I start anew today. I’m from India and writing, like most of you here, is my passion, something that drives my soul. It’s my love and being a young and impressionable mind, my heart often yearns for a life build around it.

I love writing poetry. Mostly, my articles are driven by emotions entangled in poetry and it’s something direct from the heart to the paper.

I hope you guys enjoy reading some of it, if time permits. Thanks for reading.

Hoping to post more and soon.