Inward Reflection

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Sunken Thought

I haven’t been around for a while, mainly because I’ve been doing some visceral reflections of myself and my situation. Reason for this being that I see mayhem and destruction every time I turn around. I lift my head to whomever is trying to get my attention, the news almost always being negative in some way, shape, or form. What exactly did I do to deserve all this buzzing negativity surrounding me? I’ve become more a recluse than normal these past few months since the POTUS was announced, in part to the fact that those who don’t hate Trump love what he is doing, without regard to who it might hurt. Those that are against Trump want to see him die. 

When did we as a people become so hateful, so downright disgusting that our moral compass allows us to wish death on another living human being? So his views…

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Off The Reservation

I’m not quite sure why I ever expect the world to suddenly wise up and realise the things that I’ve already come to understand, but for some reason I always hold out hope that the coming day will reveal to me that some of the ignorance has left us. Sadly, today is definitely not one […]

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Something To Brighten Your Day!

So it was decided this morning before lunch arrived that we would have to go for a walk. In the process of getting ready for our walk, I asked the girls what color theme they wanted for their outfits. I should not have been surprised when they screamed together, “Pink!” They certainly looked adorable, so I […]

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Spread some real awareness, champion for a better cause.

It has been brought to my attention that people are parading about, acting as some sort of champion for awareness of diseases and or disorders. Supposedly this months targeted agenda is Autism, Asperges which is a form of autism, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder often simplified as ADHD. The problem with the categorical “Autism, Asperges, […]

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Finally wrapping up…

I’ve decided to be prudent with the final post of the challenge and make it about a message I hold near and dear to my heart. The basis of the song means a lot to me, it used to be a well known and beloved song across the nation. As of late though, patriotism and […]

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Nomination With Hidden Surprises!

I was nominated, as always, by Suze to do something new. Again. This whacky woman loves to drag me into these nominating things, but she knows I refuse to nominate people because I don’t like bugging people, I think she just likes seeing me go off on a whacky tangent about unintelligible things. She seems […]

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Wanted To Share Some Joy!

Those of us who use Android devices know about Google Auto Awesome, an amazing little mobile application that lives up to its name. I’m not quite sure how it was coded, but I’m quite sure it was originally an abstract idea that Google turned into a reality for many of its users. Thanks to Google’s […]

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The Beginning Spring Has Finally Sprung!

There are many nuances that come with the beginning of spring. One of my least favorite is the weather. The subtle yet obnoxious way that it can look nice yet be colder than the dickens, well as a mother it drives me down right batty. I would have to say that the worst nuance of […]

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Felt It Needed Saying

We are all products of our parents. We grow up around them, they’re our first love, our first cuddle, our first snuggle, our first person to make us smile and the first person to ever make us cry. They set the boundaries as well as the guide of how we then lead our lives as […]

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Quicken With Shay!

So tonight I got a hair up my tuckas and decided to take an old recipe and turn it into something entirely different. I don’t really have measurements but I have approximations! The idea came to me as I was laying in bed two nights ago and the idea came at me like a jet […]

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