Blogging MeetUp Challenge

Today I’ve decided to take a break from ranting and raving, foaming at the mouth, and in general being furious with this worlds stupidity. I’m also taking a break from boring you all with the throngs of love I have for my husband and children, and yes, my dearest mom even though today is her […]

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Any Other Parents Deal With This Problem?

As a parent I’ve grown accustomed to having people trying to tell me how to discipline my children. It’s nearly impossible to really discipline a baby though, as they tend to forget what they did that got them into trouble seconds after they get in trouble. The glorious thing about a baby though is they […]

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What A Beautiful Day!

Today has been a day like no other. It has been magnificently filled with sunshine all day, minimal clouds and a soft gentle breeze to make ones woes go away. It’s a shame that such beautiful days pass like a blur, almost like watching Wile E Coyote trying to capture the roadrunner, who disappears in […]

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Here We Go Again

Every day my news is filled with hate, propaganda, and other such silly nonsense that seems pointless to me. People are angry about Trump being President, others are angry Clinton isn’t President. It is like a giant whiny cry baby got meanwhile those championing for Trump to keep strong are spilling messages of hate filled […]

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There’s Simply Just Too Much… Cuteness!

As parents, we have moments that take our breath away and moments that make us so proud we nearly cry. Then there are those mind blowing moments that literally make you take a moment and stop, soaking in the dawning realization that your kids aren’t babies anymore. Today I had a couple of those moments and […]

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Jack Has Struck Again!

Dear Suze sent me Jack, the Donkey. I should have known when I opened the envelope that trouble would ensue! It seems Jack has his own theme song, which played as soon as he came bounding from his confinement. We all could hear the song, “Bad To The Bone” playing when we came downstairs […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

In standard Valentine’s Day fashion, my meme expectation was a bit higher than what I truly received. You see, for the past 5 years now I have watched the world be flooded with little messages of love, snippets of what could be poetry used to surmise what others think love is, sonnets and poems dedicated […]

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Let My Hear Your Thoughts

I am starting my very own project in an attempt to bring uplifting and positive vibes back into the world. For too long we have been dwelling on the negative, so much vitrol being spewed from one another in so many directions that I am honestly beginning to question where it is all stemming from. […]

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What Could Be Next?

Last night, I had an incident. Not your normal kind of incident but a greatly painful incident. Anyone for blocks around would have thought I had just heard the funniest joke in the world! Despite having hurt myself by being a dodo brain, my entire neighborhood heard me laughing hysterically. I probably laughed for close […]

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Misery loves company

I’ve mentioned a time or two about my son here and there, but what I have not divulged until now is that he is being used as bait to crush my heart and soul. The past few days I have been suffering from sad eating due to my son’s horrific father, to which I didn’t […]

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