Potty Training Woes

Both my children are obsessed with the prospect of potty training. While I am absolutely thrilled with this concept, my youngest child seems to be unable to resist the urge to be nude 24/7 now. The majority of my day is spent chasing two sets of butt cheeks, cute though they may be, through my […]

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A Quick Delight

A couple days back I was expecting company. I had invited someone over with the intent of making a nice wholesome dinner that all could enjoy. It wasn’t terribly spicy but had the perfect kick of flavor! I had tried the recipe before and decided it needed to be kicked in the fanny and given […]

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Down Right Furious

For the weeks preceding the presidential inauguration, many jokes and images were shared at the soon to be POTUS expense. Disparaging blogs and pages were made about the imminent doom that we Americans were due to face as punishment for their exercise of a given right. The right to vote. People have endlessly bashed and […]

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Morning food for thought

I woke up this morning shortly before 7:30am, a sensation of sweet loving warmth enveloping me as I started my morning routine. Considering I had tossed and turned until late into the morning, it was odd to me that I awoke in such a splendorous mood. I had somehow drifted off some time after 2am, […]

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Wonders A Plenty

I am somewhat of a nerd, being that I enjoy playing video games in my spare time, when I find I actually have some at least. The best games, in my personal opinion, are the ones that have a specific “best”, giving me something to strive towards. Obviously the best games always change, making the […]

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As some may have noticed, though likely none have been aware, I’ve been missing from the blogging community a bit as of late. This has been due to a number of factors, but the primary reason is that I can’t seem to stop my thoughts from going and disappearing on me. Usually when I get […]

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Be Still, Dear Heart — Sunken Thought

I took a bit of a break from blogging during the holiday season to enjoy quality time with my family. Today is the day my husband has to return to work. I am disheartened by this fact, it feels as though the Christmas vacation has come and gone so quickly. Granted, I know I had […]

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Time of Wonder — Sunken Thought

These past couple days have been wonderful. I got to have my mom over for Christmas, our house decorated with festive Christmas cheer. It was a nice reprieve from the normal every day non-stop boredom that usually ensues, especially since the husband was also off work! Though my mommies plane landed before 11:30pm, they did […]

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Shopping Trivialities

The things we put up with for those we love. My kids have no idea how much their mommy loves them!

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After a week of the kids being sick, husband getting sick for a day or two and me being sick for 4 days, there were some things that direly needed picking up from the store! Especially since I had ordered something that apparently couldn’t be shipped and absolutely had to be picked up in store, even though a different size of the same item was shipped to my home. Absolute insanity to expect both items that are the same item but different sizes to be shipped, right? I mean, the audacity of me expecting something like that. Needless to say, I had tried calling repeatedly to see if I could get my husband to pick up the item I had been waiting on to no avail. No one would pick up, until today.


Taking into consideration that I was sick for the past 4 days prior to today, I…

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Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired!

Has anyone else been sick lately?

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A phenomenal thing occurred this past week. My girls stayed the night with grandma over last weekend on Saturday. Also conveniently at grandma’s was a poor sick niecey poo of mine. My girls love their baby cousin, so naturally they got sick too. Me being the insane overly baby-obsessed aunty, I just had to have some time with the sweet sick baby too. All seemed fine until Monday night when both girls started exhibiting runny noses and nasal congestion. My poor sweethearts had caught the bug from their cousin, meanwhile my heart was broken because they weren’t feeling well.

After them being sick for two days, I finally started feeling sick around Wednesday. While they were feeling better and improving, I was feeling dreadful and half-dead. While being sick and moody, sniffling and sneezing and between blowing my nose, my girls seemed to become perfectly fine. As of Friday…

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