Budgeting tips for Students

Being a student is hard work. Being a broke student is even more hard work.

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Tim Burton Willy Wonka Reproduction Painting

I found a painting from my high school days. This is a watercolour reproduction of Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka Art. I am actually proud of this reproduction.

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How to make a Chevron Friendship bracelet?

They are great gift giving ideas and are very fun and easy to make. Want to learn how to make a chevron friendship bracelet? Check out my new blog post:


10 Motivational Quotes from Famous Writers

Are you feeling a lack of motivation to do anything?

Maybe you are feeling a little down or stuck?

Don’t worry. We all have those days where we sometimes find it hard to get out of bed. That is why I put together ten awesome quotes from ten awesome writers for a boost of motivation and inspiration.

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‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jerkyll and Mr. Hyde’ Book Review.

No Spoilers.

My Rating: 4.4/5

A Fascinating Read.

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A London lawyer investigates the connection between the good Dr. Jerkyll and the evil Mr. Hyde. The lawyer suspects that Mr. Hyde is blackmailing the poor doctor but the truth is far more terrifying. And what does a potion have to do with it?

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Are we Desensitised to Cat Calling?

Cat calling.

Every woman has experienced it and every woman hates it.

Women and girls are so used to it by now that they try to ignore it. Men are so used to seeing it happen that they do not realize how bad it is.

Check out today’s post. I talk about cat-calling, street harassment and how to combat it.


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Don’t you just love coffee shops?


The preferred alarm clock beverage for many of us who need a little encouragement to start our day.

It is when we take that first burning sip of this caffeinated drink that we are reminded that life is good again.

As a coffee lover, I believe that to drink a good hot cup of coffee is a satisfying way of living your life.

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