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Hiccup: An Excerpt

This is an excerpt from a short story that I wrote last year. These are the first couple of sentences.
Amongst the oak trees in one ordinary park, lived a small sparrow named Hiccup. He was called Hiccup because he preferred to spend most of his time hopping on the grass for he had a great fear of flying.

One day, whilst Hiccup was poking his beak in between blades of grass, a gust of cold wind ruffled his feathers. Hiccup looked up at the sky. Lately the winds were becoming colder and the sun did not shine its warm rays as often. When he mentioned this change to his mother, she told him that the approaching winter air meant that they would soon migrate. Hiccup, who was not a fan of flying, was devastated.

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Greek God Profile Sketch


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I have started to post…

I have started to post rough illustrations of the characters in the children’s book that I am writing.

This is Aurora, a powerful Polar bear. Her name means “Dawn” in latin and is used to refer to the polar lights. She is a kind and protective mother. She has two twin cubs called Pukak and Neva, whom she loves dearly.


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This is Pukak, a polar…

This is Pukak, a polar bear cub. He is another main character that I am writing my book about.

His name means “Crystalline Snow” in Inuit.

He is a playful little cub and very friendly. He has a twin sister called Neva and a mother called Aurora.


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I am currently writing a…

I am currently writing a Children’s book. I am going to start posting rough illustrations of the characters.

Meet Neva, a polar bear cub.

Her name means “Snow” in Spanish and it is of latin origin.

She is a clever little cub and very friendly. She has a twin brother called Pukak and a mother called Aurora.


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Budgeting tips for Students

Being a student is hard work. Being a broke student is even more hard work.

Check out my post on Budgeting tips for students.

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