Nutella chocolate mug cake in two minutes

Hi everybody!
A happy weekend to you all. This time I am sharing a quick and easy recipe of nutella chocolate cake that is made in a mug, and cooked in less than two minutes in a microwave. Super fast and super tasty. I have also uploaded a video of steps that I had recorded. The link to this post is

Please suggest a good video editing app

Hey fellow bloggers!
I have come back after a small break. I was busy making a video for a recipe that I will share in my blog post. This was my second attempt at making the video. I am an amateur in photography, and mostly shoot using my mobile phone camera. I have a plan to gift myself a nice DSLR once I have set up my blog properly :D.

Anyways I will like you to suggest a good video editor that is free to use. I have edited these videos in Microsoft movie maker and YouTube editor. I had difficulty in zooming my film using these apps. Earlier there was a facility to pan and zoom in YouTube, but now it has gone. Instead, they have given stabilize option where the film is zoomed automatically. This was not very helpful to me. Your suggestions will be most welcome. I have not yet posted this latest recipe. I am still writing it, and might post in a day or two. Link for my video is . Link to my blog is

Recipe of Trifle Pudding

Hi all!
Weekends are here once again. This time I have shared everyone’s favorite recipe, that of fruit trifle pudding. This is easy to assemble recipe with whatever ingredients that are available at home. The link to my post is

Have a rocking weekend!

Green mango salad recipe

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I have posted a new recipe to try. It is nutritious as well as flavorful.
Salads are all time favorites, and in this season of mangoes, I have shared this green mango salad recipe. The link to the post is –

Watermelon Smoothie: A Quick Recipe

Watermelon is a perfect fruit for summers, and smoothies are everyone’s favorite in scorching heat of summers. I have shared an easy to make recipe of watermelon smoothie.
For the first time I have attemted to videograph the procedure. I have embedded the video along with the recipe. I welcome your suggestions and tips to improve the quality of video. I take pictures and shot the video using my mobile phone camera. Link to my blog is
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Mango, Fruit of the Gods

My new post is about many memories associated with king of fruits. Mango is not only delicious, but also has many health benefits. Please check my latest blog post. The link is:
Mango, Fruit of the Gods

Fruit mocktail for summers

Hi all! Hope you are having good time, and enjoying your weekend. I have posted a fruit mocktail that you can try to quench your thirst hot weather. It is vegan and healthy. The link is

Thank you.

New recipe

Hi! I have posted a new recipe for your weekend cooking inspiration. In case you want to try it, or any other recipe, visit my blog. I have changed the format a little bit, and have added an option to take the printout of the recipe. Please give your feedback about it. The link is

Hello! I have a food…

Hello! I have a food blog, where I have been sharing recipes. Now I am thinking of making some changes in the presentation of the posts. Earlier I used to post pictures of all the steps of making a dish. But then I read somewhere that people may not be interested in every small steps. So now I post pics only if it will help in clarifying something. I am also planning to add print option for the recipes. What else should I do to make my blog posts better? Please give your suggestions so that I can incorporate those ideas in my sight. I blog at

Cooking Ideas

Hi, hope you are enjoying your weekend. If you are looking for some inspiration for your weekend cooking, look at my recipe blog The Food Funda