Trump Announces New Security Agency

It’s been a while but I have another satirical post up for your enjoyment, or not 🙂

Shitdowntime Kills the Freelancer

Freelancing can be tough but when unplanned downtime hits then everything can turn to …!

An old but still relevant post from my alter ego.

Bye-bye By-lines

It’s an old post but my alter ego still wonders: Could stopping bylines reduce online abuse of Journalists?

Ignore that Writing Advice

My alter ego has another new post up for reading 🙂

Japan’s Abe Hails “Hero” Japanese Surfer

Another satirical post is up for your enjoyment, or not 🙂

What the Hell is Going on with Journalism?

Hey 🙂

My journalistic alter ego has a new post up for your reading pleasure, or not 🙂

US Media Giving Trump Deadicated Coverage

Another satirical addition is up for your enjoyment, or not 🙂

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Canadians to Undergo ‘Anti-Soary’ Training

One more satirical post for your enjoyment54c1245bc7d045fa63baa290c89d551c, or not 🙂

Trump, Putin Strike New TWERP Deal

Another satirical post to enjoy, or not 🙂

By God, I Love to Swear

For anyone interested, my journalistic alter ego has a new post – By God, I Love to Swear – on his site.

It is a long, but fascinating read about whether or not people should use swearing in their blog posts.

However, you should be warned, it does contain explicit language.