Now that the Blogging University Classes are On-Demand we want to create a place where people can continue to have that Community experience that people used to get as part of the older Blogging 101 and other courses.

If you are new, in need of some motivation, or just looking to continue to perfect your blogging skills go to the Blogging University site and register.  Right now they are offering five courses:

  • Blogging: Learning the Fundamentals – (formerly Blogging 101) — a solid grounding in the three big components of blogging: publishing, customizing your blog, and engaging with the blogging community. 
  • Blogging: Commenting Basics(formerly Commenting Bootcamp) — a short course to get you comfortable with reaching out to other bloggers and commenting etiquette.
  • Blogging: Intermediate Customization – (new course) — Making your site your own.
  • Blogging: Branding and Growth(formerly Blogging 201) — audit your brand, analyze your stats, explore social networks, learn about SEO, and more in this intermediate course.
  • Photography: Developing Your Eye I  – (new course) — Introduces you to the fundamentals of photography.
  • Photography: Developing Your Eye II  – (new course) —  Experiment with light and motion, learn to lightly edit your images, and more.
  • Writing: Intro to Poetry(new course) — find your inner Dickinson with daily poetry prompts, and sharpen your verse by learning some basic poetic forms and devices.
  • Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration(formerly Writing 101) — a longer course to spark a daily writing practice and explore ways to find new post ideas all around you.
  • Writing: Shaping Your Story(new course) – a course on the art of revision: four weeks dedicated to self-editing and rewriting, looking at our work with a magnifying glass, and improving it.
  • Websites: Build a Business Site(new course) – a ten-day course geared to helping you plan, create, and promote your business’ website.

Be sure once you have signed up for a course let everyone know on the Blogging Meetup by tagging it with #BloggingU.  Also, once you start doing the daily challenges/tasks and post them in the BloggingU Chat for others to check out your work on your own site, just make sure you again use the #BloggingU tag so others taking the course can easily find you as well.

Also, use the following link in the menu to easily find others taking the course or post your links there as the tag is already pre-populated.


So what are you waiting for… Sign up for a course at the Blogging U today and start chatting about it here