7 helpful questions for blog post writers

“Read, read, read. Read everything — trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it.
Then write. If it’s good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out of the window.” William Faulkner

Before you hit Publish, are you satisfied with your post?

Don’t many of us write extemporaneous posts? Sometimes I simply sit down at the keyboard and plunk away at a thought or a prompt from reading other posts. When I read the published version, I often regret putting it out there. I often discover flagrant faux pas or glaring grammar goofs. Cringing at my carelessness, I sometimes resort to editing it and re-publishing. (Keep in mind, I’m a former reporter and editor and got paid to write. My stuff had to be good. Old habits, you know.)

Are you ever dissatisfied with a post you’re about to share with the world? Try asking yourself these 7 questions I ask myself when I proofread my posts. You might want to consider them to improve your posts.

  1. Is your heading too long?
    A reasonable length is 6 to 8 words. As we’ve said before in this space, many readers don’t read past your heading. If you don’t entice them with those 6-8 words, you might lose them before they get to your opening sentence.
  2. Did you proofread your text?
    That’s a cardinal rule for me. It ought to be for all of you as well. My dingbat blogging buddy, Suze, will disagree. She spends most of her time at the home staring into space and playing bingo when she’s not blogging.
  3. Did you put yourself in my readers’ place?
    What will your audience gain from reading your post?  Who are you writing for? Yourself or your readers?
  4. Did you use “you” often? Writing for that second person pronoun, draws readers in and helps them think you’re writing to them.
  5. Can you use “how to’s” or lists or  numbers.
    Readers love lists. Use them if you can.
  6. Did you ask for feedback?
    Do you want to know what your readers thought about your post? They’ll think you’re really interested in their opinions and comments.  People love to connect with other people. I often use the hashtag #feedback when I post on the BMU.  And I sometimes ask readers directly, “What do you think?” Or, “I’d like to get your feedback on this topic (idea, post).”
  7. Is your purpose for writing clear?
    Will your readers “get it”?   Will they perceive your intent for writing your post? Do you get it yourself?

Well, there they are. Seven questions I ask (and answer) myself so I’ll be satisfied with my post once it’s published. Hope you’ll try these out yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised how your writing may improve when you ask and answer them.

Do you have questions you ask yourself while you’re writing to make it better? I’d love to hear from you. How do your questions help you improve your posts.



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The Psy of Life: Two More Blog Posts

Howdy y’all!

I’ve got two posts to share today. I can’t seem to get away from blogging about the unfolding disaster happening in Washington DC. I have other things to blog about, but (a) it is the most important thing happening and (b) who can look away? It’s like a car wreck happening over the past 60 days and needing another 1,000 to complete itself right in front of you! You daren’t take your eyes from it.


A Quickie: I Told You So, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber Fights with Everyone Chaos Results

Deaths of Despair: The Republican Stooge Voters Are Right, They Are Being Left Behind

I’m really quite proud of the second one. I’ve been grappling with how people could’ve voted for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, and, slowly, the picture has been coming into focus. I’d love to hear from each and everyone of all y’all in the comments or if you’re ever in the Guangzhou neighborhood!


My dear co-bloggers,

Good morning.”“KASHMIR TULIP FESTIVAL” IS TODAY and “NO LIMIT FOR EXPRESSION OF LOVE” are two posts in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com for your kind read and response. Thanks.
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N V Subbaraman

I have no clue how…

I have no clue how this Blogging Meetup thing is supposed to work. I have read and re-read the intro and …I just don’t get it.


Do you enjoy prose and poetry?

Hi peeps,

Who among you likes prose and poetry? Whether you just enjoy reading or you’re a word twister yourself… Here is my latest entry, a very personal poem on what it seems humanity can’t get enough of… love and heartbreak.

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Have a nice day, xx


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My dear co-bloggers,

Good morning.”WORLD TUBERCULOSIS DAY March 24 ” is in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com for your kind read and comments. Thanks.
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N V Subbaraman

Woman “mbokodo ” you are on your own…

As a woman, a young girl I was brought up to believe my father was my protector, provider and the guy who knew everything about anything. I always felt safe in my house even if a a lion could enter my house, my dad would kill before it got to me! Yep!

Was I sold a lie? Is that not what a man is? A protector? If the answer is yes then explain this:

1. Why do we have a video of an underage girl in an unfortunate situation trending on Twitter? Underage 13! Why watch it? What do you want to see there? Is that how you treat your little sisters as well? Do you peak through their doors when they bathing as well? A grown ass man watching an underage girl? Sies!!! Amanyala!!!!

2. 8 women have been raped by the SAME group of men in a known taxi!! 8!! Where the fuck are our police? Why has it become normal for a woman to keep quiet than to speak up? Is it because you will not believe us? Or you will dump us cause you can’t deal with the shame? How is it my shame????

3. A woman was gang raped by 3 men, one guy comments ” Looking at her clothes she was asking for it, I would have joined them” Why does it matter what I was as wearing when I got raped? Do we need a “women dress code” if so please enlighten us as to how it should look. Is it because you can’t control yourself??? Fucken go buy it if you don’t know how to “court” a woman! Yes I said court!!!

4. The Spur incident? Must I even ask??? MEN stood by and watched a man threaten a woman??? MEN STOOD BY and took the video instead of intervening!!! Shaka must be turning in his grave!!

The very same men complain that we disrespect them when we decide to do shit ourselves! Successful woman has become synonymous with lonely, sad spinster who needs get laid! These stereotypes are perpetrated daily by the grown ass men who don’t own shit, rape us, disrespect us, mistreat us but decided they going to sit on their ass all day and wait for the woman to provide for them! No wonder them we don’t respect you, we have taken your place!

Sold a dream or not, this can’t continue to be a status quo! Women must be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies and lives whenever they want. It’s time for the men to introspect. Is this the world they want? Do we want little girls to feel unsafe in our world? If so, why even bring them to this world?

We need MEN, not to complete us or rape us but to partner with us! To protect us! To fight with and for us! We need men that are going to speak up against this violence!

MEN take your place! Find your place! All religion in the world talk about respect, not only for yourself but for others too! We are also human! WOMEN ARE HUMANS TOO!!!!!

WOMAN, unfortunately for now… You on your own…..

***New Post***

So just doing some random babbling…anyone want to talk? Maybe a new Wednesday post. I’m redoing my blog content. Not really sure what I’m doing honestly. Hahahaha!

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