The Perfect Apology


The End

It’s amazing how many people forget this little word. 🙂

(In reply to one of the Weekly Prompts by @ameenasmusings – my response is rather too short to make a post in its own right! )


Call to Action 

We need you! Please. The best way to generate new additions to our community family is through your promotion. Twitter, Facebook, tag #bloggingmeetup, challenges, Events, conversation.  Link the logo on your site in the side panel with a widget. You can even link to our socials underneath too.

We don’t want to get so big we can’t talk to each other but we do want you to feel BMU is diverse and developed and engaged and ultimately a great common room in the blog coffee shop. A place where you can stop in each day and chat while you drink your Java, meet new people and build your network of friends. Maybe direct you to some resources that help you too.

What value did BMU invite into your day today? What value did you bring to another in the BMU today? New post? hey-link it here! New BloggingU course? How’s it going? We’ll put it out on Twitter and Tumbler for you too.  Fresh ideas? Email us.

You grow, we grow. We grow, you grow. Thank you for being here – we love you and thank each and every blogger here you are making this 5 month old site a great success.

@ericmwalker vision, @ameenasmusings prompts, @amandaowen2015 well, whatever I do – and #bloggingmeetup (that’s all of us). We are a team building each other up, sharing, caring (yes I just said that) and connecting. Let’s keep it up and soar.

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Jazz Day Event and Failure Notice



Dear admins, I used the e-mail address you provided to send you info on my Jazz Day event and got a Failure Notice back from MAILER – DAEMON.

This is the address I used: <>

This was the content:
Hello, I am planning on hosting an International Jazz Day Blogging Event and the
daily post finally featured my event proposal. I wanted to let you know about it and ask if you could feature it on the Blogging Meetup as well. I haven’t posted the event’s activities yet, I’ll probably do that one week before the actual event, am not sure how it should work, it’s my first event 😀 (if you have suggestions and advice on how to organise, please help).

Welcome to Blogging Meetup 2.0

To read more about the changes and all the exciting things going on our front page or test out the new url by clicking here

Thanks as always and we hope you are as excited as we are for these changes/announcements.

@ericmwalker, @amandaowen2015, and @ameenasmusings

A fun-filled weekend begins NOW!…

A fun-filled weekend begins NOW!

This weekend’s featured Event come to us from Niki, at The Richness of a Simple Life. We hope that you will participate and have some fun!

Also, don’t forget Weekend Wanderings!

Just a note – @ericmwalker, @ameenasmusings and I have taken all of your notes, suggestions, as well as what we have already in the hopper, T’d up to launch or are in discussions, and you will see some big things happening around here beginning in the next couple of days! We are excited for sure! Thank you for all of your feedback and keep ’em coming y’all 🙂

Have a great weekend and blogging fun!

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Hi, everyone! I’ve been thinking…

Hi, everyone! I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and decided to share with you here. I know the “Bloggers Meetup” hosts are trying to come up with events and challenges so I wanted to share an idea, because if it were up to me, I wouldn’t know how to make it happen or I wouldn’t know if bloggers would join, and already almost all my blogging friends are here. SO: my idea of a challenge is a photo idea. To share the view from your window or/and maybe a picture of yourself having your favourite beverage in your favourite spot in your house/outside. Why? Because, like every other blogging beginner, I am amazed of the close connection that can be created with strangers while reading personal thoughts and experiences…and I would like to get to know my blogging friends a little better, you know, before I have thousands of followers and can’t catch up :))).
What do you think? Is it stupid? Is it inappropriate? Or is it AWESOME! 🙂

What’s your location?

Hello wonderful members of The Bloggers Meetup…

How are you all doing???

It’s been so exciting going through the Bloggers Index and discovering all your wonderful blogs.

In the spirit of us getting to know each other, would you like to tell us where you are??? 🙂

I’ll start…

I’m Amina – Darlington, United Kingdom