Like, Follow, Share Challenge for the week of 09/12

Check out the 5 new blogs to Like, Follow, and Share. Check it out and connect! If you are not sure what it is all about feel free to read about it here.

Clueless Birdie@niyati16

This ‘n That@ludwigkeck

LupieTrish – @lupietrish

Lady (Un)Employed@ladyunemployed

Treasure in Jars of Clay – @lillieramage

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@ericmwalker How do I allow…

@ericmwalker How do I allow people to “like” a post without the need to sign in to wordpress? This is for fans who do not have a wordpress account.

Call to Action 

We need you! Please. The best way to generate new additions to our community family is through your promotion. Twitter, Facebook, tag #bloggingmeetup, challenges, Events, conversation.  Link the logo on your site in the side panel with a widget. You can even link to our socials underneath too.

We don’t want to get so big we can’t talk to each other but we do want you to feel BMU is diverse and developed and engaged and ultimately a great common room in the blog coffee shop. A place where you can stop in each day and chat while you drink your Java, meet new people and build your network of friends. Maybe direct you to some resources that help you too.

What value did BMU invite into your day today? What value did you bring to another in the BMU today? New post? hey-link it here! New BloggingU course? How’s it going? We’ll put it out on Twitter and Tumbler for you too.  Fresh ideas? Email us.

You grow, we grow. We grow, you grow. Thank you for being here – we love you and thank each and every blogger here you are making this 5 month old site a great success.

@ericmwalker vision, @ameenasmusings prompts, @amandaowen2015 well, whatever I do – and #bloggingmeetup (that’s all of us). We are a team building each other up, sharing, caring (yes I just said that) and connecting. Let’s keep it up and soar.

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Gods Time

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So i just realized why…

So i just realized why i haven’t been sharing my posts with you guys. My posts are populating into my reader, so therefore i don’t know how to share it with you guys. Yes, i am self hosted, but i’ve been self hosted for over a month now, and ummmmm this only started happening this past Monday… Anybody know if/how i can fix this? So i can share my wonderful randomness =) with you guys again.

Blog Face Lift

I signed up for a premium account and changed the theme of the blog. I’m not done with the face lift, but I would appreciate some feedback, especially on the color scheme and consistency across featured images, header, text colors, and background color. Also, on the positioning of menus and other ancillary information in the footer and header.

Thanks, y’all!

Social Media – Help Us Help You

Social media – Help us help you…

So I have been playing around with social media, specifically Tumblr and Twitter. I will be the first to admit I am stumbling along and @ericmwalker is graciously working with me.

Ahem, in the meantime I have managed to link up posts here in the chat to Twitter and Tumblr! Go me! So, just a little inspiration to you to keep posting links to your blog posts in the chat (if you needed any). We can’t possibly curate all of them everyday (that would be annoying) but we will for a few at random each day. Please be sure to write posts with titles – they’re more likely to get a hit from Tumblr.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work on building our awesome community!

Welcome to the New Members in May

Hope everyone has had a great week and I figured before everyone heads off into the weekend it was time to give a shout out to the new members of the Community.  I apologize that the list is long but we have really grown this month as you will see.  So make sure to welcome them and check out their blogs if you have a chance.

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HELP! I need to stop…

HELP! I need to stop getting links to every post

I’m scratching my head, yet again, trying to successfully navigate the #Bloggingmeetup. My first week I clicked somewhere to start receiving email notifications about posts here. Now I’m being innundated with post links, some of which are about topics that do not relate to me. But I’m getting every one now. I think I remember somewhere I can click to avoid getting everything. Can someone tell me how and where that would be? My cup (my inbox) runneth over, if you know what I mean. @ericmwalker
Thanks so much for any help.

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!

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Like, Follow, Share Challenge for the week of 05/02

Check out the 5 new blogs to Like, Follow, and Share. Check it out and connect! If you are not sure what it is all about feel free to read about it here.

Cars and Cooking@tigbrown

Riechel Web Blog@cheof78

Random African Thoughts@eddylampz

Riya Hearts@riyahearts

Inside Danielle’s Mind@daniellekarst920

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