This Tuesday’s Tale: Rooster Cogburn


The tale of Rooster Cogburn

Oh that adorable face! Maybe it was partly because of that adorable face that I wept as I read the story of Rooster.

Rooster was a puppy found abandoned & homeless. Cody and his wife were trying for years to have a baby. One day the three of them found each other and they became a family.

But something didn’t seem quite right about Rooster…

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Merry Christmas To You, Your Family, & All Of Your Furry Friends

It all starts tomorrow! I will not be posting anything this weekend. I will be enjoying Christmas time as I’m sure you all will be doing as well.

(Note: longer reading time for this post since it points to a few other posts as well, but very important and worth it. Thanks for reading & sharing!)

I wish you all a beautiful time with your loved ones. If you will be checking out posts this weekend, I ask if you please check out two very important previous posts. Even if you have already seen these two posts, would you consider sharing them to help get the word out this Christmas season.

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