Double Dribble

I encourage everybody to take a look at today’s post. It takes place when I was 7 years old but it is symptomatic of what would plague me for decades.

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Marc’s Rule-Don’t be Mad at Somebody for treating You the Same Way You Treat Them

Today’s post is about being misunderstood. You have to take into account my perspective as you read this. As I am on the autism spectrum so figuring out social expectations has always been tricky.

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How to Introduce Yourself

Some of my stories are poignant while others are just flat our funny. This is a little poignant and a lot funny.

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The Driveway Rules

First off, what in the world are the driveway rules? The driveway rules are your own set of social rules that you put on people in a given situation. Usually when we get upset at somebody it is because they did not act in the way we expected them to. In other words, they broke your driveway rule. The Driveway Rules is also the name of my book which contains memoirs of me growing up with undiagnosed autism. If there is one post I really would want you to see it is this one. You’ll relate and you’ll laugh. Really laugh.

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I wrote an article about…

I wrote an article about autism representation and the Netflix show Aggretsuko.

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A Post in Time For Valentine’s Day!

Hello everyone! I wrote a post about finding love and intimacy on the autism spectrum.

Finding Love and Intimacy on the Spectrum

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This Tuesday’s Tale: A Love Story


The tale of Lacy & Karma

What is the first thought that pops into your head when you see a Pitbull?

It’s not unreasonable that you might be a bit nervous and unsure around them given their reputation. You hear about them attacking people and other animals all of the time. There are all kinds of articles out there saying how dangerous they are, yet on the flip side there are articles that defend them.

Personally, I do not need an article to tell me what to think. I believe Pitbulls are taught by bad people to be dangerous. I hear stories about sweet Pitbulls that are beaten (and a lot worse) so they become mad & mean. Then they will fight for awful people in dog fighting rings.

Read the full post here.

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