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I wanted to share with you all a blog post I’ve written – it’s about a unsent letter from a rather upset personality with a lot of nature elements! Do read and let me know if you found it enjoyable!

You can find my post here.

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HIya this is what is…

HIya this is what is happening to me. I am trying to find my niche in the #bloggers world. To help others. Trying to consolidate into one blog. Why am I having such a hard time with this? Maybe brings those blogs on a page in a blog. To keep maintenance at a low time skill. right? Later oh blog is https://donnamaria.org/ moving other two over to this one.

You will love DonnaMaria.org photography, poems, inspirational reflections.

blessings peace


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Gigantic Thought Bubble

So right now I’m still on my writer’s block streak. Apparently, I still can’t get myself to write about anything interesting right now but maybe you guys can.
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