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Although malicious people claim that everyone is bad, there are also many good men and women in the world. Maybe you have it … Continue reading →

Hoewel kwaadwillige mensen beweren dat iedereen slecht is, zijn er toch ook veel goede mannen en vrouwen op de wereld. Misschien heb je wel het… Lees Verder →

Bron: MENSEN VAN GOEDE WIL || PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL – Theo-Herbots-Blogger & Fotograaf

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“ALLES” OVER MIJN FOTOGRAFIE ||”ALL” ABOUT MY PHOTOGRAPHY – Theo-Herbots-Freelance-#Fotografie in #Tienen

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Een mens zonder doel is als een vis zonder water: hij sterft Geen mens kan gelukkig zijn zonder geloof in eigen kunnen om zijn doel(en)… Lees Verder →

Bron: “ALLES” OVER MIJN FOTOGRAFIE ||”ALL” ABOUT MY PHOTOGRAPHY – Theo-Herbots-Freelance-#Fotografie in #Tienen

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WordPress Friday

Today’s challenge is a little like cheating, but I’m sure you won’t be too upset with me. Today I challenge you to pick any of the word prompts from this week’s WordPress Word Prompts and write. Don’t forget to ping back to WordPress by clicking on Show Instructions inside the word’s page and copying the link to insert into your post. Also, link to your post here in the comments so we can read along! If you already have used one this week, link to it in the comments too – it doesn’t have to be just from today. Happy writing!

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Member’s Posts feed

Don’t forget to visit your community daily! We have a feed right here in the BMU header menu – Member Posts

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New Post – Winning The Liebster Award 2017

Hey guys! How are you doing? New Post Alert! Visit OLUWAKEMI to read the full post. I hope to inspire you more. Enjoy!

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Going beyond social media-using adwords to increase your readership



Whether you are just starting out, or have been blogging for a long time, one of your goals should be growing your readership.  There are several ways to do this.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram; these are just a few social media outlets that you can utilize to grow your audience.  But just how effective are they?

I have been on Instagram and I found that it didn’t really increase traffic.  The same goes for Facebook.  So, what else is there?

Adwords is a platform where you can run a paid-for add to increase traffic to your site. You can decide the amount you want to spend.  For a nominal monthly cost, you can not only increase readership but also increase the scope of your audience to worldwide.

I started utilizing AdWords in October of last year.  My average monthly views in the six months prior were 461.  As soon as I placed the add in October,  my monthly average views increased to 1731.65.   That’s quite a jump.  But it’s not just about numbers.

You want to get your blog’s message to the masses.  My blog, Gone with the Wheat, deals with the ups and downs of gluten free living.  It’s really important to me to get that message to others.  Of course, it depends on your blog’s message or intent as to whether you want to spend the money to increase your readership.

In conclusion, if you want to increase readership and scope, Adwords is a good platform to accomplish these things.   Only you can determine if this is the right path.  I can honestly say it’s the right one for me.



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Am I Wicked?


Am I Wicked?

-E. R. Smith

Standing before my opinionated mirror, conversing,

“You are so  wicked”, Mirror announces

Cutting eyes, I warn my accessory I will not hesitate to shatter him

“You are a wicked queen”,  Mirror reminds

I ponder,

Yes, I have wicked symmetry to my face

Wicked curves cut my breasts, hips, thighs causing upsets

My tummy is only a bit naughty, four out of six packs

“How wicked am I?”,  I ask, fishing

“Well, I watched you engineer a coup on that young man,”

“He became minion, following an impish grin”,

“Let out fiendish wails as you assaulted him”

“Wayward strands of hair tangled his speech”

“He is enslaved.”

Parting full lips, showing even teeth, a devilish smile

“Yes”,  I admit, “I am a bit vicious”

“But, that young man would concur, my wicked is good.”

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Keeping up with writing…

As much as I was worried about writing again, I’m glad to say I’ve done a pretty good job so far…

Check out my blog post on confused beginnings and self-growth here;

The seventh poem in my tanka series (and my first one this year) here

and finally a post on how I see beauty here.

Don’t forget to like and drop a comment if you can, ‘cos comments make me happy 🙂

Have a wonderful week everyone x

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