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My best video on You Tube

Video The hundred most beautiful mushrooms 🍄

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What is happening in your…

What is happening in your life right now that’s ‘totally tubular’ (awesome)? A new something you bought, an event, something going really right at work–it could be anything, but make it about something right now – not in the past. This is a special focus on what’s positive in your life in the now. Embrace your moments and share them with us. This can be a post in your blog that you link back to here, or just tell us about it in the comments. We can’t wait to read what’s Tubular in your Tuesday!

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WordPress Friday

Today’s challenge is a little like cheating, but I’m sure you won’t be too upset with me. Today I challenge you to pick any of the word prompts from this week’s WordPress Word Prompts and write. Don’t forget to ping back to WordPress by clicking on Show Instructions inside the word’s page and copying the link to insert into your post. Also, link to your post here in the comments so we can read along! If you already have used one this week, link to it in the comments too – it doesn’t have to be just from today. Happy writing!

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What’s the answer to this riddle?

What do we have that God doesn’t have?
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The blessings of comfort

We can comfort others with the same comfort God shows us.
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The cone of uncertainty

Weather-savvy meteorologists use a cone on a weather map to predict where and when a hurricane will land. Truth is, they don’t know. Their “predictions” are just best guesses based on expensive digital weather prediction electronics. That’s why they call it a “cone of uncertainty” The storm can make landfall anywhere inside the cone. Or not.
Authentic believers in Christ live inside a cone of uncertainty every waking moment. I wrote about how and why on For His Glory today.
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