Why do you blog?

Do you blog . . .

  • A. to help others?
  • B. to inform, inspire, motivate or encourage others?
  • C. to have fun?
  • D. to sell a product or service or solicit clients?
  • If you picked an answer other than C, don’t you hope your message is easy to read? Don’t you want readers to understand and benefit from your post?

    If you answered “Yes” to either question, my Write On Target Tuesday tip topics will help you do both.

    Look for my Write On Target tip topics to appear here on BloggersMeetup #DailyDiscussions real soon! I’ll be sharing knowledge and experience I gained from my more-than-three-decade career as a professional writer, editor, English and Composition teacher and blogger.

    Here are a few of the Write on Target tip topics we’ll tackle:

  • The most important words in any blog post
  • What’s the difference between affect and effect?
  • How to write a bad blog post
  • How to write a blog post readers will read
  • Ditch wimpy words
  • Who are you writing to?
  • Why adverbs stink
  • Why verbs rock
  • If you want to write better, watch for the Write On Target Tip Topic blog posts right here in this space soon!


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Guest Blogger Opportunity

Good morning! Roberta over at Roberta Pimentel is offering an opportunity to be a guest author on her blog. She will be posting two guests a day (or week?). If you are interested in participating email her at roalpim@gmail.com and let her know Amanda @ The Road to There / Blogging Meetup sent you.

Also, be sure to check her out to find other new bloggers as well.

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New Event

New Event up from The Psy of Life blog. Check it out in the Events Menu above!

Happy Blogging!

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Events Reminder

Just a reminder to take a look at the Events featured here on BMU – it’s not too late to join in the fun. Again, if you have an event that you are hosting on your blog, please email us so we can feature you here as well!


Thinking of writing a Master’s thesis?

Hi everyone,

I have published an article in which I give advices on how to write a Master’s thesis.


I’d love to hear your advices on the writing but also your comments if you too have finished your thesis.

Thanks! xx

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Check out the new event…

Check out the new event posted in the Event page here. The Richness of a Simple Life is hosting a new event on her blog site, just click the link in Events above so she knows you came from here! Tell us about your experiences…we’d love to hear in the Chat.

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Be sure to check out…

Be sure to check out upcoming Events for this weekend in the Events menu!


Happy new week everyone!

We are 6 days away from JazzDay! 😀 Check out the event’s page if you think you’ll want to join!

Today we’re LUCKY!

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A fun-filled weekend begins NOW!…

A fun-filled weekend begins NOW!

This weekend’s featured Event come to us from Niki, at The Richness of a Simple Life. We hope that you will participate and have some fun!

Also, don’t forget Weekend Wanderings!

Just a note – @ericmwalker, @ameenasmusings and I have taken all of your notes, suggestions, as well as what we have already in the hopper, T’d up to launch or are in discussions, and you will see some big things happening around here beginning in the next couple of days! We are excited for sure! Thank you for all of your feedback and keep ’em coming y’all 🙂

Have a great weekend and blogging fun!

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Hello Sweet Bloggers!

How nice to be here at BLOGGERS MEETUP! It is my pleasure to be where I’ll meet with lots of loving bloggers. You are welcome to visit my blog here.


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