Get up! Have you ever…

Get up!

Have you ever been in a bad place that grew so comfortable you didn’t want to change?
This guy felt comfortable and resigned himself to a life of misery and lonliness.
I wrote about him, me, and maybe some of you today on my For His Glory blog.

And have a marvelous Monday everyone.

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Here we go!

I just signed up for the Finding Everyday Inspiration class – very excited to start stretching my writing muscles!

“I wish I hadn’t said…

“I wish I hadn’t said that”

I can’t count the times I’ve mumbled that to myself. How about you?
Why do we say and do things we regret? I wrote about it today on my blog.
Enjoy. And relate if you can.

Have a Marvelous Monday everyone

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Thinking of writing a Master’s thesis?

Hi everyone,

I have published an article in which I give advices on how to write a Master’s thesis.

I’d love to hear your advices on the writing but also your comments if you too have finished your thesis.

Thanks! xx

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The day my daughter learned…

The day my daughter learned to trust me

It took lots of coaxing and pleading, but finally my daughter took the plunge and trusted me. I wrote about our adventure together on my blog today.
I hope you enjoy reading my “trust” blog post.

Have a Thankful Thursday everyone

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I just published my day…

I just published my day 11 post, using the daily prompt of learning. You can find it here:
Feel free to tell me what you think!

When is the last time…

When is the last time you confessed?

Our pastor asked this question this morning. Confession, he said, leads to true worship. It opens the door to God’s blessings. “But, if you hold on to your sin, it can become your identity.”
So, when is the last time you confessed?
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So I am very (very,…

So I am very (very, very, very) far behind on my Blogging U course, but I have finally written my day 4 post to my audience, and this is the link:
I appreciate any feedback you feel like giving!

I am working on the…

I am working on the blogging and branding 10 day course. I am on day 2 and changed around my widget titles in my sidebar from the customary “categories” “subscribe” “social media” type titles. Wondering if it’s too hokey or any better ideas for titles. Trying to carry across the feel of the blog throughout. If you check out my Pinterest page you see that almost every board starts with either “fun” “happy” or “life” ….again not sure if I want to go with this or not. Any input it appreciated!
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Blogging U. Day 5 & 6

I’ve changed my theme, my tagline and added a text widget.  So far I’m liking how the changes make my blog look, some what, professional. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting too…check it out and let me know what ya think! A Nenes Life