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#bloggingu – I have just started the new BloggingU course, Welcome to Writing: Shaping Your Story!
I’m struggling with it. Here is my first writing attempt, using it as Sue Vincent challenge, “Stepping Stones” as well as getting my writing flowing, also finding an “Angle” which seems to be the first week challenge. https://ramblingsofawriter2016.com/2016/07/23/sue-vincents-thursdays-photo-prompt-stepping-stones-writephoto/
Is anybody here doing it?


Bad Girl

So I’ve been seeing bad… i haven’t been linking my june challenges here.

So if you had 20 minutes to talk to anyone dead or alive who would it be ?!

Honor  is a powerful word. So who would you honor (anyone in you life), someone you look up too.

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Watermelon Smoothie: A Quick Recipe

Watermelon is a perfect fruit for summers, and smoothies are everyone’s favorite in scorching heat of summers. I have shared an easy to make recipe of watermelon smoothie.
For the first time I have attemted to videograph the procedure. I have embedded the video along with the recipe. I welcome your suggestions and tips to improve the quality of video. I take pictures and shot the video using my mobile phone camera. Link to my blog is http://thefoodfunda.com/recipe/watermelon-smoothie-quick-recipe/
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“Walk” When Jesus encountered the…


When Jesus encountered the man who had been sick for 38 years, Jesus gave him three commands: “Get up.” “Pick up your mat.” and “Walk.”
If the man was to be healed, he needed to make a conscious, deliberate decision to change. He also needed to realize that God was using his infirmity to display for everyone to see the awesome healing power. In my post today we look at walking our our faith with boldness. To show others how Jesus works in our lives.
If you enjoy reading “Walk” today, will you do me a favor and “Like” it or leave me some feedback. I love to hear how the words God gives me to write influence or bless others. Thanks.

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone.

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The United (seldom) States of…

The United (seldom) States of America

Why does it take mass shootings to unite us?

Mass shootings are about the only things that unite us any more.
How tragically sad is that?
Do you agree?
I’d love to hear your comments and feedback.
“Likes” would be swell.

Have a Thankful Thursday everybody.

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Get up! Have you ever…

Get up!

Have you ever been in a bad place that grew so comfortable you didn’t want to change?
This guy felt comfortable and resigned himself to a life of misery and lonliness.
I wrote about him, me, and maybe some of you today on my For His Glory blog.

And have a marvelous Monday everyone.

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Here we go!

I just signed up for the Finding Everyday Inspiration class – very excited to start stretching my writing muscles!