What do we let go…

What do we let go of when we “Let go and let God”?

See if you agree with me
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Two wolves inside us all…

Two wolves inside us all

Which one do you feed?

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Life Update

Life Update Boy have I missed you guys… these past two weeks have been super hectic. Heres my life update since I’ve been gone and I know how much you guys missed me lol. Work I have been in Staten Island (the land far far away) for the entire month of July, just readjusting back…

via Life Update – August 2016 — The RANDOMNESS that is WE

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Do you know who wrote the Bible?

Charlton Heston didn’t.
I wrote about his encounter with a man who knew the author today on my blog.
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Why use profanity in blog posts?

Someone once told me the reason people use profanity is they don’t have a large enough vocabulary to choose another word.
I don’t know if that’s true; but for me, profanity has no place in our blog posts. It has little to do with my faith and much more to do with writing style and etiquette. When I see profanity in a blog post, it usually indicates to me the writer wants to use it to express anger or resentment or disappointment/frustration.
It also shows me the writer has little or no respect for their readers. Some readers might not care. If you put off even one reader with your profanity, however, is that to your credit or your detriment? Does your profanity embellish your descriptions? Does it help express your emotion in your post? Are you telling your readers that, as a writer, you can’t find a more civil, courteous, effective way of expressing emotions?
Each of us, as writers, wanting to communicate with others, will decide each time we post how we’re going to say what we want to say. Are we considering our readers when we write? We can write with, or without, using profanity. One way reflects a writer who wants to improve their craft and communicate with all readers effectively and with consideration.

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Perseverance pays off

Do you ever start something, then walk away without finishing? I’ve done that more than I care to admit.
John Ed Mathison shares some stories of amazing folks who persevered through trials. Read his always-provocative thoughts on my blog today.
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A tinge of guilt?

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a tinge of guilt? Feeling regret for something you said or did that hurt someone else? Or hurt yourself?
What do you do about it?
I have some thoughts about that tinge I sometimes feel myself.
I’d love to read what you do and how you handle that tinge? I’d love your feedback and your likes.

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What is one guiding principle for your life?

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that represents a guiding principle for your life?
“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can neglect to do today” :>)
Or “When my ship came in the dock workers were on strike.” :>)
Seriously speaking will you share one of yours with us?
I wrote about mine and guiding principles on my blog post today.
I’d love to read your guiding principles and get lots of likes and feedback today.

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone

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Who are you? What do you look like?

I read some posts on blogs now and again from writers who create screen names such as “Drippy Pen” or “Ned Novelwriter” or Writersblockhead” (I’m so sorry if one of these is your screen name. I wanted to create examples that were so silly no one would claim them. If I used yours I’m sorry.)

Now change it!

Some bloggers choose to identify themselves in their profile with an egghead avatar or a bland, blank silhouette.

To be honest, I rarely read an egghead’s post. If a blogger can’t take 15 seconds to slap a photo in their profile, how can Mr. Egghead expect me to take him seriously? Or how can Miss Silhouette think readers will really be interested in her writing if she hides behind a silhouette. I guess we could call her a real ghost writer then.
I had fun with my avatar and put a picture of me as a child, a high school senior, a hippy and the bald senior citizen I am now. I’m not advocating everyone get creative. But it would be nice to see who’s writing, then click on the avatar and learn something interesting or fun or real about you.

Have a Marvelous Monday everyone

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My conversation with an atheist

I had an opportunity to engage an atheist in a reasoned conversation about the differences in our world views. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. I believe I may have even inadvertently planted a seed. See what you think.
I’d really appreciate your feedback on this post. Or, if you enjoyed reading it, would you leave me a like? Thanks so much.

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