Writing Challenge: How Many Times Can You Rewrite the Same Boring Story?

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I’ve just shared a writing challenge with some blogging friends elsewhere and I thought some of you might be interested to take it up too.

The idea came to me because where I am we’re in lockdown again and because of that I restarted my Lockdown Diaries. But I quickly realised that there is nothing much happening and that reminded me of an old favourite book:

Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau

In this book Queneau re-wrote the same bland incident in ninety-nine different styles – can you match it?

The challenge is simple: Every day I publish a diary entry (between 4 and 6 pm GMT, typically) in one those styles, accompanied by Queneau’s original.

My yesterday entry is here: Lockdown Diaries II, Day 7: You Know

I invite you to write a reply in that same style. You can post it in the comment section on my blog or if you prefer, on your own blog and link to my blog and/or leave a message for me in the comments so that I can come and read your entry.

Please note this is not a competition with prizes just a little blogging fun!

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I started doing #ceenphotography posted…

I started doing #ceenphotography posted on #challenges and love it. Here is one of mine:
FOTD – December 20, 2018 – Poinsettia
blessings to all

The “Good Christian” myth

There’s no such thing as a “good Christian”
PLEASE send me feedback.
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Longing for you

Do you realize that God is pursuing a love relationship with you that is real and personal?

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. . .and on the 8th day . . .

What’s so special about the 8th day? That’s the day the Jews circumcised Jewish male newborns. Why did they wait a whole week? This post shows how awesome and creative our Almighty God is.
What do you think? I’d like to read a bunch of comments on this one.
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One of the greatest joys in my professional life is when I am able to help facilitate change and see progress with clients. Watching them feel happy again or inspired is the best validation for me. Even when the progress is slow they still feel better.

But my first job will always be a mom. Like they say it is the hardest job you will ever love.  I am so proud of all 4 of my children. My oldest is a mom herself with 2 beautiful kids and a successful medical assistant.  Then I have 2 other girls, 14 and 12 years old and the youngest is my son at 10. Hunter was a very bright boy scoring 1 to 2 grades ahead. At around 4 years old he would clear his throat all the time. I really did not think much of it and then as fast as it started it would stop.  A while later it was bobbing his head up and down. Then again it would stop after a few weeks. Back to clearing his throat or weird noises.  We would tell him to stop but he wouldn’t and it would make it worse.  In kindergarten, they told me they thought he had Tourettes. I had heard of it but was not very informed on it. He, unfortunately, has the swearing type of Tourettes. It only affects about 10% of people with it. He would say shit 100 times an hour. So imagine taking a 6-year-old out shopping while saying that.  The looks we would get would make me upset. If we were at the doctor’s office I would ask to be roomed so he did not do it around the other kids.We had to make light of it because it was a constant for about 2 to 3 weeks at a time. When a 6-year-old looks at you and said “Shit Mom I love you”  You had to just smile at him.When he got the diagnosis we were also told he had ADHD.  That is common for a person to have both or OCD.

He has struggled with angry outbursts and anxiety from this. They say trying to tell someone with Tourettes to stop the behavior is like telling someone with Parkinson’s to stop shaking.  The more stressed they are the worst it gets. He has said he wished he was dead when the tics were in full force. Tics can be painful to the body. His constant head bobbing usually creates a bad headache. Physical pain is one thing but the emotional pain is another. Children and adults have been rude with staring or the words they use.  He is just a regular little boy with a huge heart that happens to do things once in a while that makes him stand out.  As a parent watching your child suffer and then hearing about how kids ignore him or make fun of him is incredibly frustrating and painful. He is 10 now and has a fantastic teacher who works with him during his rough moments. But he still hears kids taunting and not playing with him.

It is really hard to see people think it is funny to swear or make bodily movements and blame it on Tourettes. I would love to invite them to spend a day with my son or another person with it and discover WHO they are and then how they are treated. I will forgive a child for teasing before I will an adult. It is wrong and frankly pathetic to tear someone down because of something they cannot control.  They are not the syndrome. They are just as intelligent or more than the regular person, they usually have more compassion because of years of teasing and honestly they just want to be accepted.  As he grows older the tic episodes are becoming further apart which helps and I pray that he outgrows it. I am concerned that he is going into middle school next year and how he handles it. If I have to we will do online or homeschooling. I do not want to see him struggle with bullying. He already knows he is different and does not need to be reminded in an unkind way every day. My goal is to change the face of Tourettes.

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Watch out for Versed…

In pre-op a few weeks ago I was sitting alone waiting to be wheeled back for surgery. Trying to not be nervous I listened to some meditative music and was relaxing. A nurse came in and told me her name and said this is Versed, it will help calm you. I did not think I needed it but she injected it into my IV.  Next thing I remember was hearing a voice in the recovery room telling me to breath deeper over and over. Then I remember being in my room with my husband there.  OK, what happened after she gave me the drugs???  I do not remember laying down and falling asleep. Did I talk? And if I did what was I saying?? Little did I know it was an amnesia medication.

Well, most people would probably say how much they love their spouses, kids, and families.  Or that they would love to see world peace and blessings for all.  And then you have me. As much as I hope that I would say those beautiful words, it is more likely I was asking where the firemen strippers are and I need some chocolate cake (I had not had a bite of food or a drop of water for 24 hours at this point) Yeah, that is me. Does this make me worried? Not at all. Does this mean I am a bad person? Of course not. Anyone who knows me can tell you my family is the most important part of my life.  Do I want world peace? I strive to make every day better for many people which in turn creates peace in their lives which has the ripple effect.   What I am talking about is being real and honest.

How do you live real and authentic? Well, do you feel like you are able to speak from the heart without hurting anyone? Do you live with passion and purpose?  Can you remember a time when you felt like everything was in alignment with who you are?  If not then you are probably off your soul’s purpose and path.  Life is not perfect and has challenges but instead of looking at them like challenges look at them as stepping stones. Your reaction and ability to take the lesson from it are how you grow. That is why I love my job. I work with those are off the path and need to get back into living authentically.  By finding out how and when you strayed we can come up with a purposed plan.  What beliefs and blocks are you carrying around like dead weight?  If I don’t see tears then I am not seeing healing. Healing is not always pretty, you need to “feel” it to get through it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and if not then there is always some amnesia meds or firemen.



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Challenge: What’s Your Bias?

Howdy y’all!

One day I’ll establish an editorial calendar and produce content on a more predictable regular bases, but that day ain’t this day, so we gotta take it as we can get it.

I present to all who are bold enough to peer into the deepest darkest abysses (abyssi) of their souls and even perhaps share it with the world or at least the WordPress community, the What’s your Bias Challenge!

In short, take the Harvard Implicit Bias test and bare your biases to the world! It will be fun! It will be illuminating! You will find out something — perhaps even surprising — about yourself!

Ends: Sunday 11 September

Tag: ImplicitBiasChallenge

Link: Challenge: What’s Your Bias

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He brought his Bible to…

He brought his Bible to church and folks thought he was strange

Do you take your Bible to church? Do you take notes from the message?
I wrote about that in my For His Glory blog today.
See what you think. Enjoy.
Can I ask you to leave your feedback and comments and likes? This post is a special one. Thanks!

Have a Marvelous Monday everyone

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If you die tomorrow ….

If you die tomorrow . . .

Have you ever thought about your life in terms of its mortality? Guest blogger Butch Dean, one of my favorite blogosphere writers, has some profound thoughts about dying tomorrow on For His Glory today.
I look forward to your likes, comments and feedback!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone!
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