Share Your Pet Christmas Picture

Does anyone have a Christmas pet photo you are willing to share with me for a Sunday Pause (Paws)? They can be pets from the past too. I would love to see them and share them and, of course, I will link back to your blog.

Anyone and all are welcome and encouraged to share!

Please send them to

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Ignoring A Need Right In Front Of Us

When I first saw this picture, I was heart broken. The old cliche “a picture says a thousand words” hit me right in the nose. Here is a man “buying” a new puppy for his child while a homeless, starving dog is laying right there on the street. It even looks like it is raining outside too.

There are a few thoughts that I feel can be taken from this picture.

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What do you think?

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Your Child Not Acting The Way You Want…Drive Them Out To The Woods

Your Child Is Not Acting the Way You Would Like Them To. Would You Consider Driving Them Far Off Into the Woods and Leaving Them There?

*I ask you to please watch all of the videos to get a full understanding of the message I am trying to convey in this post. The longest one is the first one which is a little over 4 minutes, but worth the watch. The other two are less than two minutes long. So here we go…

You got married, had a baby, and oh what hopes and dreams you have for them. You enjoyed those precious years when they were young and still listened to you. Then, it happens…they become a teenager or a young adult. They no longer listen to you. Maybe they are hanging around the wrong crowd, or have an addiction, or got someone pregnant, or committed a crime. Maybe all you do is fight with them. They cause you so much frustration, money, time. So here you are, decision time. Do you stick with it and try to help them through this the best you can? They are, of course, a member of your family.

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Sunday Pause (Paws)

This is Cino checking out the tree right after I finished putting it up. She gets so excited when the tree goes up.

You can also see more pictures of her and read the story of how Cino & I met.

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Happy Sunday!

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