Composing posts in less time, one sitting- how?

Hi all,

I’m finding that it’s taking too long to put a post together, which is resulting in having to break away in the middle. When I get back to it, I’ve lost the (whatever you call it, inspiration?) for the idea. 

Wondering how you all “practice” blogging so that the post actually gets (researched, outlined, written)?


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New posts (part of the #AtoZChallenge)

Hello everyone,

It’s been a few days since the AtoZChallenge started. As a part of this challenge, I’ll be posting every day (except the Sundays) throughout this month with post titles progressing alphabetically from A to Z. 26 days, 26 posts (one post for every letter of the alphabet). My theme for this year’s challenge is tiny tales. I’ve reached so far as the letter C. Here’s my latest post

Consequences – a tiny tale

The leaves rustled against the window pane.
A chill ran down her spine..

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Here are the links to my previous posts on this challenge

AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

A meal for two – a tiny tale

Breakfast- a tiny tale

I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts about these posts. 🙂 Thanks in advance!

Hope you have a great day!

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Love writing on the BMU

The BMU (Blogging Meetup) has always offered a venue for all kinds of writing on all kinds of topics. You can find amateur, beginning writers as well as published professional writers. Because we have so many interests, it’s easy for any writer to search and discover fellow writers of the same ilk with the same interests.

An interesting genre for me is the diary/journal crowd.  They write, they say, mostly for themselves. They just like to sit at the keyboard and have fun just getting their thoughts down on paper. For those not-so-serious writers it’s always fun to see something they’ve written published.

I’ve run across a few writers who have been liberated from an agonizing, some times violent past. The BMU offers the space and the grace to chronicle, many times for the first time, their journey. It’s a blessing to me to read their successes, and the new freedom they must feel. Their stories are often heartbreaking and agonizing to read. But those heartbreaks make their successes that much sweeter. Just writing down their experiences and their pain exemplifies uncommon courage.

The BMU often attracts new writers who have heard from friends, “You should write a book.” Those newbies come to the BMU to test the waters, get some writing experience and seek some advice from other writers.

Encouraging other writers blesses me.  I think we all should support as many writers as we read here. You will never know how something you say might encourage or impact another writer. Those of us who’ve been writing for years learned early on how precious positive feedback becomes.  Positive feedback motivates us all. We could all use more “likes” and “comments” on our posts. And the BMU is the perfect place to hand out more at-a-boys

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New blog post!

Hello my dear fellow bloggers,

All of us have faced times when we weren’t quite sure as to whether a post is ready to be published or not. Sometimes it can a lot of edits before we deem the post publish-worthy. That’s what my new post is all about. I’m sure that you’ll be able to relate to this post. Please click here to read my new post.

If you liked this post, please don’t hesitate to like, share, comment or follow. 🙂 All comments and feedbacks are welcome. I would love to hear from you.

I would also like to thank all my faithful readers and followers without whom I couldn’t have accomplished many milestones. You can read a post about that here.

Thank you. Wish you all a good week ahead!

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Here are links to all For His Glory posts this week.

In case you missed one . . .
Do you know who Murgatroyd is?

7 ways to resolve conflicts

What’s your GQ–Growth Quotient?

Whole lotta shoutin goin on

Finding Crystal Kruchunis

Exciting new writing challenge for all BMU bloggers Monday

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Short is sweet; long is…

Short is sweet; long is lousy

Today I wrote a post on short words verses long words over on Write On Target Short words are better to write than long words in all writing. Click the tab above on the far right.
Check it out. I’d love to get your feedback.
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2 THINGS THAT DEFINE YOU: Patience and Attitude

Hey guys!

Check out my post “2 Things that Define You: Patience and Attitude”. I hope to inspire you more. Thank you for visiting!


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Something New!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve decided to try a new type of writing. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂 This describes  both a soul-seeking journey and multiple philosophical revelations at the same time. Enjoy 😀

-Abhi from Ambiguity


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Write the funniest caption for this photo

I ran across this picture yesterday when I was researching the God Particle for an upcoming post. I found it on Zortura’s blog:
She has some other brain teasers and some good writing over there. You might want to check her blog out.
Let’s see who can write the funniest caption for this photo. I’ll save mine until tomorrow. Go ahead, and write the silliest caption you can think of.
The winner will receive five days and five nights free posting on BloggingMeetup’s Community Chat page.
best photo caption
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Why do you blog?

Do you blog . . .

  • A. to help others?
  • B. to inform, inspire, motivate or encourage others?
  • C. to have fun?
  • D. to sell a product or service or solicit clients?
  • If you picked an answer other than C, don’t you hope your message is easy to read? Don’t you want readers to understand and benefit from your post?

    If you answered “Yes” to either question, my Write On Target Tuesday tip topics will help you do both.

    Look for my Write On Target tip topics to appear here on BloggersMeetup #DailyDiscussions real soon! I’ll be sharing knowledge and experience I gained from my more-than-three-decade career as a professional writer, editor, English and Composition teacher and blogger.

    Here are a few of the Write on Target tip topics we’ll tackle:

  • The most important words in any blog post
  • What’s the difference between affect and effect?
  • How to write a bad blog post
  • How to write a blog post readers will read
  • Ditch wimpy words
  • Who are you writing to?
  • Why adverbs stink
  • Why verbs rock
  • If you want to write better, watch for the Write On Target Tip Topic blog posts right here in this space soon!


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