What happens to my drafts?…

What happens to my drafts?

Sometimes when I write here the screen goes away. I don’t know what I do to make that happen. Then I can’t find my draft. Does anyone know how to retrieve my drafts when that happens? Does anyone else have that problem?
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Engineers day

On this one day of September 15th dedicated to the engineers i would like to bring your attrntion to the actual condition persisting in India. 

Watching a news report it was clear that every year tens of lakhs of students become engineers but only on papers. In actual only about 5% percent are only eligible to be called engineers. Where does the problem persists??

Are the students only to be held responsible for thid and not the education system?? I mean ya there are students who don’t take colleges seriously  but there are a lot more who wants to do something and even have the potential its just that they need someone to show the path and make them walk through it. 

What matters is not the quantity of engineers produced but the quality of engineers passing every year. 

This can be achieved by reducing the college intakes each year and providing the best possible to less mass. This would prevent students having less knowledge from pursuing graduation untill they posses a certain minimum level to become an actual engineer by attitude and mind both. 

Colleges should focus on practical application rather than forcing students to pass exams by overnight studies.

There should be exposure given to students. Teachers should motivate students to do research in their field of interest, try and make some innovations. Colleges should merge with the engineering societies like ASCE, ICE etc..Setting such chapters give students meet others and they can collaborate with like minded people and build better future. Student should share there knowledge on social platforms like blogging etc. I did so by starting up a blog discussing sustnaibility in construction at Worldwidecivil.

Hope the system would change some day . So share it like it and follow to spread my message.

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Something New!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve decided to try a new type of writing. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂 This describes  both a soul-seeking journey and multiple philosophical revelations at the same time. Enjoy 😀


-Abhi from Ambiguity


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