Safety For Your Pet During Fireworks

Do your Fourth of July plans include protecting your pet?

Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July or another holiday or celebration where there are fireworks, it is extremely important to consider the safety of your pet.

Animals do not enjoy the sound of fireworks. In fact, they can be pretty terrifying for many animals.

Did you know a huge amount of pets go missing during fireworks because they are panicking, disoriented, and afraid?

Full post and safety tips here.

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Keep An Eye On Your Pet

Are you signed up for “PawBoost Alerts” in your area or something similar? If you don’t know what that is, it is Facebook alerts for when a pet has gone missing. It is a wonderful way to alert communities and get people involved in finding and returning an animal to their family.

I recently saw an alert for a little dog that was missing in my area and the note from the pet parent said the dog had been taken from their backyard. One of the comments was something like “OMG, you can’t even leave your pet outside anymore!” The sad reality is that it has been happening for a long time, we are probably just hearing about it more now with all of the online social media.

Sadly, when pets are taken, what that person has in mind is not always good.

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This Tuesday’s Tale: Ray and a Battle With Heart-Worm


The Tale of Ray and a Battle With Heart-Worm

Today’s tale is from a fellow blogger, Collin, at A Dog’s Life? (Stories of Me and Him). Collin is the author of “Who Said I Was Up For Adoption?” The following tale is actually an excerpt from his book.

In the latter part of May, and in preparation for taking heart-worm prevention medication, we took Ray back to the vet so that his blood could be tested prior to taking the medications. A few days later we had a message on our answering machine asking that we call the vet to discuss the test results. He had tested positive for heart-worm, and needed further tests to estimate how advanced he was. We were both in shock as the ramifications of this situation started to sink in.

Our beloved Ray, who would appear to have had such a shaky beginning to his life and who was now having a fresh start, was soon going to be in a fight for his life. Our beloved Ray who seemed so happy being a part of our family now had a very questionable future. Our beloved Ray had found his proverbial “forever home” but did he have much of a “forever” to enjoy it?

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Sunday Pause (Paws): Father’s Day

It’s Sunday! But of course, it’s also Father’s Day!

To all of the fathers out there, including pet fathers, Cino & I wish you a wonderful, relaxing day!

See the full post here including a couple of videos for some laughs.

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Time Is Precious

There has been a lot of illnesses and death around my circle lately. Families of co-workers, fellow bloggers, and even in my own family there have been some hard times.

It really makes you stop and think how precious time is.

Time has a way of getting away from all of us. There is never enough time. But as you get older, I think you get wiser and you realize what you should be spending your time on.

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Summer Heat and Protecting Animals: It’s Our Responsibility

If you notice a neighbor’s pet outside in the heat for too long, please do something.

If you see a pet wandering alone outside, please don’t assume they are okay. They may be a missing pet or be a stray in need of help. Do something.

If you notice a pet in a car in a store parking lot, do something. Since its hard to know how long they have been in the car or will be, bring the license plate number to the store so they can announce it over the intercom. Other things you can do is call the police or 911. Laws are different depending on where you are about whether it is ok to break a car window to get a pet out of a hot car.

Full post here. Such an important topic, PLEASE share!

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Sunday Pause (Paws): A Few More Pets to Honor

I hope you were able to check out last week’s Sunday Pause (Paws) with all of the beautiful pets we honored that have passed on.

A few people shared some photos of their pets after the post had been published, so I am honoring them today along with a few videos that have incredible stories. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Sunday!

Full post here.

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The Debate: What Do You Think?

Hello all! Cino sends you “Happy Weekend” wishes!

I have been rolling around all kinds of ideas in my head for quite a while trying to come up with a drawing/saying that expresses what I feel my blog is all about. I mean, I do feel the name of my blog says a lot, which is why I chose the name, but I want to do more. What do you think of the graphic below?

See graphic and full post here.

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This Tuesday’s Tale: Lal Mohan


The Tale of Lal Mahon

Today’s tale is continuing with the theme of honoring a pet that has passed away. This tale is about Lal Mohan who passed away at only two years old from a snake bite. This was very devastating for her family.

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Sunday Pause (Paws): Honoring Lost Pets

It’s Sunday!

Today I would like to honor some pets that have passed away. I have gathered some photos from Facebook submissions, fellow bloggers, friends, and family. All lives matter and losing a pet can be devastating. So this Memorial Day weekend, please sit back, relax, and enjoy the photos and videos of precious lives that are now in the arms of their creator.

I wrote a poem to start off this post. I hope you enjoy.

A pet is not just an animal
But a part of the family
Time shared with them
Seems to go by so rapidly

A bond so strong
Between human and animal
A life shared together
Makes loss hard to handle

There is no timeline for grief
Our pets are not forgotten
But in one’s own time
The pain may soften

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