“Stars” don’t shine on politics…

“Stars” don’t shine on politics

A small clique of Hollywood stars are attempting to sabotage our political system. They’re pleading on TV for electors to disavow their constitutional mandate and legal responsibility and vote for someone besides the legally elected president elect.

Electors meet in their perspective states Monday to cast their votes for president and vice president.

In the commercial they plead for Americans to “vote their conscience”. That’s hypocritical, to me, since Hollywood stars, by-and-large, don’t have consciences. Nor do they know squat about middle-Americans like you and me. They are also ignorant of the Constitution and our democratic system of government.

These “stars” are folks who make their living pretending to be other people. They’ve amassed pro-athlete fortunes in careers of make-believe and fantasy.

God forbid we trust their judgment and opinions to sway decisions the electors make Monday.

And God forbid we trust¬ Hollywood stars to influence our thinking or perspective ever!

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