We have a new generation — the Crybaby Generation

We have a new generation — the Crybaby Generation

First it was the the World War II men and women (my folks’ generation).
Tom Brokaw wrote a book about them and called them The Greatest Generation.
Then cane their kids’ generation (my generation). They call us Baby Boomers
Then along came the GenX generation (our kids).
Then came the Millinnials (their kids).
Now we have the Crybaby Generation, also known as Whiners. These are teenagers and disinfranchised Millenniels who go to school, hang out, spend their parents’ money, play video games, drink, smoke dope, hook up, abuse cell phones, get their morals and world view from each other, abandon church and family values, protest en mass about anything they don’t like, seek cry zones when they get upset about llife, reject anything they don’t understand, and prefer picketing over going to class or taking tests. They can’t tell you what they believes or what their moral compass is. They borrow beliefs from peers or posters or persuasive professors. They don’t know history, nor care to. They don’t have original thoughts. They don’t understand politics or govrnment or much of anything relevant to real life. They have no goals and don’t think past the next “happening”.
Some of them will be running our country some day. That ought to scare the cr_p out of all of us.
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More Songs & Lyrics about Climate Change

Hi everyone, check out the following blog post http://wp.me/paKe4-3k1 featuring more New-Topical-Songs about Climate Change – the post features the songs ‘Changing World’ and ‘Talkin’ Future World’ (with Video, audio & lyrics).

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