Should we listen to Hollywood…

Should we listen to Hollywood “stars“?

Gee, maybe we should be listening to the political and social advice coming from Hollywood B-list star types. I was thinking about them the other day. If we listen to the stars and their endorsements and their political and social advice, then do the exact opposite of what they say and and who they endorse we’ll be better off.
Remember how it went down?. . .

  1. The “stars” voted for and endorsed Hillary Clinton America–1 stars–0
  2. The “stars” supported Jill Stein’s failed attempts to recount the votes in battleground states. America –3 stars–0
  3. The “stars” went on TV to beg electors to change their vote on December 19
    America–306 “stars”–bupkis
  4. As a matter of fact, the “stars’ ” candidate lost four electoral votes.
    Yeah, maybe we ought to listen to those Hollywood

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“Stars” don’t shine on politics…

“Stars” don’t shine on politics

A small clique of Hollywood stars are attempting to sabotage our political system. They’re pleading on TV for electors to disavow their constitutional mandate and legal responsibility and vote for someone besides the legally elected president elect.

Electors meet in their perspective states Monday to cast their votes for president and vice president.

In the commercial they plead for Americans to “vote their conscience”. That’s hypocritical, to me, since Hollywood stars, by-and-large, don’t have consciences. Nor do they know squat about middle-Americans like you and me. They are also ignorant of the Constitution and our democratic system of government.

These “stars” are folks who make their living pretending to be other people. They’ve amassed pro-athlete fortunes in careers of make-believe and fantasy.

God forbid we trust their judgment and opinions to sway decisions the electors make Monday.

And God forbid we trust¬ Hollywood stars to influence our thinking or perspective ever!

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Voting Rights!

Hey guys, in this analysis we’ll be checking out how voting rights operate in the USA and how restrictions such as Voter ID Laws can disproportionately affect minority communities.

Check it out!



-Abhi from Ambiguity 🙂

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Vote In Our Poll!

Hey guys, Ambiguity set up a 2016 Presidential poll, just for fun! Please vote (anyone too, regardless of age or nationality; this is an inclusive community 😛 )! This is not scientific at all, but we’re extremely interested in the results 😀


If you can’t see it on this site, check out our poll right here.

Thanks so much, and have a great day 😀


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NEW: Trump Campaign Meltdown?

Hey everyone, this new post on Ambiguity is all about the Trump Campaign’s recent meltdown and shakeup; the underlying cause behind it and the effects it had.

It took me a good amount of time to write, and I’m very happy with it. I’d be grateful if you all could check it out right here 😀

-Abhi from Ambiguity 🙂

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Student Debt Relief

Undergrad and Graduate students compile the majority of the country’s debt with school loans. With no solid way to pay them off in a decent amount of time, the new Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has proposed a Student Debt Relief plan.

Check out my post on our debt and her plan to help us fix it.

Student Debt Relief

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