A Pair of Boobs in the Window

A fun one about adolescence.


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Here is a profound yet funny one I really enjoy. There’s even a funny IQ test. C’mon, you gotta be intrigued.


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How to Introduce Yourself

Some of my stories are poignant while others are just flat our funny. This is a little poignant and a lot funny.


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The Driveway Rules

First off, what in the world are the driveway rules? The driveway rules are your own set of social rules that you put on people in a given situation. Usually when we get upset at somebody it is because they did not act in the way we expected them to. In other words, they broke your driveway rule. The Driveway Rules is also the name of my book which contains memoirs of me growing up with undiagnosed autism. If there is one post I really would want you to see it is this one. You’ll relate and you’ll laugh. Really laugh.


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What happens when you reply to spam email

Now and again I run across a TED talk that’s worth sharing. This is one. This guy replied to a spam email and what follows became a hilarioius talk. I think you’ll laugh.
Have you ever replied to a spam email?

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***New Post***

So just doing some random babbling…anyone want to talk? Maybe a new Wednesday post. I’m redoing my blog content. Not really sure what I’m doing honestly. Hahahaha!

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A conversation Adam had with…

A conversation Adam had with God

Adam: Thank you, God, for making Eve for me. Let me ask You something. Why did You make her so beautiful and helpful?

God: So you’d be attracted to her, Adam.

Adam: Why did You make Eve so soft to touch and pleasurable to be with?

God: So you’d be attracted to her, Adam.

Adam: Then why did You make her so stupid?

God: So she’d be attracted to YOU, Adam.
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Please send me more dumb…

Please send me more dumb jokes

I made an appeal last week to bloggers to send me really dumb but clean jokes.
I love dumb jokes. The dumber they are, the funnier I think they are.
I’ve received some good ones, but I crave more. Surely you know a [clean] dumb joke or two. I mean really dumb and clean.
Here’s a good example one of my readers sent me: I’m eager to see the movie, Constipation, but it hasn’t come out yet.
Send me more. Send me more!
Put ’em in here or email them to me at: stevesaw@gmail.com
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Let’s laugh a little today!…

Let’s laugh a little today!

I love dumb jokes. The dumber they are, the better I like them.
Today, my post on FHG has absolutely no socially or spiritually redeeming qualities. I hope you have fun reading today.
Today, I don’t care about likes or feedback; but I would absolutely love for you to send me the dumbest [clean] joke you know. It has to be really really dumb and clean. One of my readers already sent me one that will be hard to beat, but you’re welcome to submit a dumb joke anyway.

Have a Happy, Funny, Laughing Monday everyone

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12 things that happen to…

12 things that happen to you when you get older

My old readers will understand this post, and probably go, “Yep!”
To my young readers–you all have this to look forward to.
As always, I love to see comments and likes.
Have a Marvelous Monday everyone!
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