Realistic approach to having Motivation and being grateful.

Many of us try to stay motivated. The truth is it’s not always easy to stay motivated. Especially during this pandemic, trying to be motivated and not be fearful of what might happen the next day is not easy. This is because we train our mind to think that we are unable to do the particular task. Nothing is impossible to do if we train our mind correctly. Currently, many private industries are going out of business and the unemployment rate is increasing in the world. With all these uncertainties happening all around the world, people are becoming more negative. How does one manage to stay positive and have the mindset of gratitude? Let’s be real no matter what tough lessons life throws at one. It takes efforts from within to maintain a positive outlook and keep the confidence level high.

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Realistic approach to having Motivation and being grateful.


Pavithrah. Tharmaseelan


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Hello everyone, i hope you’re all having a great time. Have you heard of a 6 year old Football enhusiast, Bradley Lowery who died recently as a result of cancer? Kindly read a little write-up i did on him, concerning how we can still impact the world with our pain.

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Blogging By Outline


I thought you might be interested in this. Earlier, I posted a query on how to blog quickly and efficiently in one sitting. I’ve got a little bit of an answer (word limit), which I have modified a little to be a strict outline form. Here’s the basic idea:

Catchy Title
Main Point
Allegory or Anecdote to include
Relevant verse(s) (fewer is better)

Point 1

Point 2

Point 3


Song to link to
Pix to use

I’m finding that this is forcing me to be concise and take less time composing. I research/journal to the outline point, and then switch to WordPress to expand on the outline. (Actually, I start with my journal and iPad, and then add links and pictures from the laptop – later in the day even is do-able.)

WordPress on the iPad can be a little flaky (doesn’t autosave, for example), so I’m careful.


Hope you find this of interest!

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Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing great. I believe it is everyone’s wish to be great. Also, we all know that greatness is not attained in a vacuum but amongst people. Have you ever wondered why most  people don’t usually see greatness in us during our formative years? Check out my latest post on greatness

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Composing posts in less time, one sitting- how?

Hi all,

I’m finding that it’s taking too long to put a post together, which is resulting in having to break away in the middle. When I get back to it, I’ve lost the (whatever you call it, inspiration?) for the idea. 

Wondering how you all “practice” blogging so that the post actually gets (researched, outlined, written)?


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Hi there. Hope you all had a great weekend. Check out my latest post which talks about the consequences of some great things we desire. Happy reading and your comments are always welcome.

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The Next Level

When we were kids most of us would be focused on making to the next level of our favorite game. You would keep trying your hardest and planning how you could do it. Even if it was just a game the dedication was impressive. Then a funny thing happens you grow up and face real challenges you are easy to say that it can’t be done. Where does that desire to reach that next level go?

You may not think of your real life goals as having levels but the truth is there is many. Each level comes with many challenges and you have to find a way to Catapult yourself to the next level. At first its easy at level 1 when you just start your journey. It’s easy because it’s all so new and you feel like you are doing something positive with yourself. You start to find success jumping level to level and you think this is going to be a lot easier than you thought.

You reach the middle levels and you run into a brick wall and you are stuck. You are not sure how to handle it because this is the first challenge you have faced on your journey. It takes you so long to get past this hurdle that it throws your whole timeline off. For this reason you start to question your path and realize the path is much harder than you expected. This is the main difference between present day you and your younger self. Your younger self would try again until they got to the next level even if they had to try all night. When you get older the fear of failure gets in your head because after all life isn’t a game and there are real consequences. The concept is similar because the only way you get to the next level in real life is repeated effort. If you get knocked down you need to get back up and come back smarter and stronger.

If you can get past those initial challenges you will have supreme confidence for all your future challenges. Just because you get past one challenge doesn’t mean there aren’t many others waiting for you. After we get past a huge hurdle we often think the worst part is over but truth is there will be other challenges. These early challenges just get us ready for the long road ahead.

Success isn’t simple and success takes many factors. The biggest factor is failure as funny as that sounds. Think about it how do you know what success feels like if you don’t know what failure feels like. The feeling of failure is necessary to truly feel the power of success. As for the other factors they have always been inside you since you were that little kid determined to get past that level. Desire, passion, and a never quit attitude aren’t skills you get as you get older. You are born with these great qualities but at times you can let fear take over. When fear takes over we can forget who really are.

If you think that next hurdle is just a little to tall and reaching that next level just doesn’t seem possible. Try to get in touch with your younger self and ask them what they think is possible. When you were younger you believed everything is possible. Just think about what you wanted to be when you got older. Likely you wanted to be a doctor, musician, actor, or other job that you totally dismiss when you got older. You dismiss it because the world tells you that it’s not realistic. Get in touch with your younger self and regain that feeling of anything is possible. If you do that you will find that next level isn’t as far as you think. If you look up you can see it right and front of you all you have to do is close your eyes and believe. Before you know it you reached the next level and you will be able to tell your younger self that anything is possible. You shut out the idea of impossible and finally reached the next level.


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