Short is sweet; long is…

Short is sweet; long is lousy

Today I wrote a post on short words verses long words over on Write On Target Short words are better to write than long words in all writing. Click the tab above on the far right.
Check it out. I’d love to get your feedback.
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When was your last big…

When was your last big showstopping sin?

When’s the last time you blew it big-time with God?
Did you reconcile with The Almighty right away, or did it take awhile?
God had something to do with it.
Read about it today on my blog, For His Glory.
And please leave me your feedback and likes. It will make my Friday go so much better :>)

Have a Fantastic Friday, ladies and gentlemen.

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Why do you blog?

Do you blog . . .

  • A. to help others?
  • B. to inform, inspire, motivate or encourage others?
  • C. to have fun?
  • D. to sell a product or service or solicit clients?
  • If you picked an answer other than C, don’t you hope your message is easy to read? Don’t you want readers to understand and benefit from your post?

    If you answered “Yes” to either question, my Write On Target Tuesday tip topics will help you do both.

    Look for my Write On Target tip topics to appear here on BloggersMeetup #DailyDiscussions real soon! I’ll be sharing knowledge and experience I gained from my more-than-three-decade career as a professional writer, editor, English and Composition teacher and blogger.

    Here are a few of the Write on Target tip topics we’ll tackle:

  • The most important words in any blog post
  • What’s the difference between affect and effect?
  • How to write a bad blog post
  • How to write a blog post readers will read
  • Ditch wimpy words
  • Who are you writing to?
  • Why adverbs stink
  • Why verbs rock
  • If you want to write better, watch for the Write On Target Tip Topic blog posts right here in this space soon!


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What is one guiding principle for your life?

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that represents a guiding principle for your life?
“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can neglect to do today” :>)
Or “When my ship came in the dock workers were on strike.” :>)
Seriously speaking will you share one of yours with us?
I wrote about mine and guiding principles on my blog post today.
I’d love to read your guiding principles and get lots of likes and feedback today.

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone

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Poke-mon NO!

Kids don’t need another mindless, electronic toy to further separate their world from the real world.
Read about it today on my blog,
May I ask you to leave your feedback or “likes”? I love to read your thoughts.

Have a Thankful Thursday everyone.
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Do you proofread what you write?

As a former newspaper reporter, editor and ad copywriter and English teacher, I edit often and meticulously. I want everything I write to be grammatically correct and easy to read. As a reporter, I had editors combing my stories and handing them back often for correcting and/or rewriting. As an editor, I had to comb the stories of those who wrote for me. My boss in the ad agency was a perfectionist, not just for the grammar but for the style and tone of the ads I wrote for our clients.
All I learned hung with me. As a blogger, I make the effort to maintain the same writing and editing standards for my blog posts. I’ve edited this piece four times already. And I’ve been editing along as I write.
There’s a bit of a downside to this. As I’m reading other blog posts, I edit in my head. I can spot subject-verb agreement errors (the worst errors) from three paragraphs away.

I never call other writers out for their grammar guffaws; and I don’t correct any guest blogger’s writing.
Am I anal retentive about my writing? I suppose I am. But hopefully my posts will be relatively error free and written in a simple, friendly style readers enjoy.
Seriously, I’d like to read your feedback about your proofreading and editing habits.
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Sometimes teaching our young to…

Sometimes teaching our young to grow up can be very painful. For them and for us

Will you read my blog about teaching our loved ones, then “Like” the post and leave me your feedback. That would be awesome.
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