This Tuesday’s Tale: Rocky, Lost After Fireworks


The Tale of Rocky and His Rescue From the Woods

With fireworks soon to be going off all around, I thought it fitting to share this story about a senior dog who went missing after fireworks last year.

Rocky, a senior dog, was frightened by fireworks and ran off into the woods. His family had been searching for him for days when some loggers found him. They contacted the local Humane Society. Noticing this dog was having trouble walking, a man carried him out of the woods.

Sadly, it turns out Rocky also has cancer. 😦

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Keep An Eye On Your Pet

Are you signed up for “PawBoost Alerts” in your area or something similar? If you don’t know what that is, it is Facebook alerts for when a pet has gone missing. It is a wonderful way to alert communities and get people involved in finding and returning an animal to their family.

I recently saw an alert for a little dog that was missing in my area and the note from the pet parent said the dog had been taken from their backyard. One of the comments was something like “OMG, you can’t even leave your pet outside anymore!” The sad reality is that it has been happening for a long time, we are probably just hearing about it more now with all of the online social media.

Sadly, when pets are taken, what that person has in mind is not always good.

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A Great Pet Parent Tip

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was such a great tip for cat parents, I had to share it and I encourage you to share it also. It could bring a lost cat back home.

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