Without love

The Doobie Brothers recorded a song in 1973 called “Long Train Runnin”. One of the lyrics in the song is “Without Love, where would you be right now?” Think of all the things, places and people in our lives to which we ascribe love.

That lyric begs the question, “Without love where would we be right now?

Imagine for a moment marriages without love. Think of all the people places and things to which we ascribe some form of what we believe is love.

I love my wife with compassionate, unconditional devoted love. I love my children. I love to listen to Gospel music. I love rock and roll. I love fried chicken and corn on the cob.

I love pizza, I love chicken salad. I love to watch college football, I love our church family, I love chocolate. I could go and on about the things in my life to which I attach the emotion of love.

It is a worldly misconception that love means different things to different people.

ALL love of every kind, for any person, place or thing comes from God in the person of Jesus Christ. There is no other source. There is no other definition or meaning.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

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THE way

Jesus proclaimed in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes t0 the Father except through me.”

He didn’t say, “I am a way.” He didn’t say, “I am the best way.” He didn’t say, Why don’t you try my way and see if you like it”

Heo said, “I am THE way. Period. Do not pass go and collect $two hundred dollars. He is the ONLY way.

I know folks, I have family members and friends who say there’s several ways to get to heaven. They can’t explain what they are, but they are sure there are some.

I have a close relative who asks me,”What about Buddhists and Muslims and harry krishnans” This is a popular secular defense against hearing or believing the Gospel or admitting that Jesus is the only way. When I hear this defense I respond with a question, “What about them?” They change the subject. They don’t offer any defense for their supposition.

The bottom line is: Jesus said it and He is truth. So I’m going to go with Jesus. Some day soon it will all be over. And we’ll find out whether the world was right and there are lots of ways to get to heaven; or Jesus is right and, like He says He is the one and only way to spend eternity with him and the Father in heaven.

I’ll choose Jesus every time. How about you?

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The Robins of my Soul

Happy day everybody! I would like to share my post from my bog today. This one is from the chapter about the great but complicated love of my twenties. Flowery poetry was not my thing but I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes love does that to us.


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A Post in Time For Valentine’s Day!

Hello everyone! I wrote a post about finding love and intimacy on the autism spectrum.

Finding Love and Intimacy on the Spectrum

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Mijn mooiste kerstgeschenk ooit // My most beautiful Christmas gift ever

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Mijn mooiste kerstgeschenk ooit // My most beautiful Christmas gift ever


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About me

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Liefde 💖 / Love 💖

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Al wat ik mis is Liefde ❤️💘👄 // All i miss is Love ❤️💘👄

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Al wat ik mis is Liefde ❤️️💘👄 // All i miss is Love ❤️️💘👄

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Quality Time

This is how you define quality time.

Good morning…

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What I believe about myself today

Is it important for us to know exactly who we are? I think it’s absolutely necessary.
Since 1986 I’ve been on a journey with God, in some black holes, in a prodigal wilderness, through some deep valleys and on some beautiful mountain tops to discover who I am.
I found out on August 8, 2000.
I hope you enjoy this post. Do you know who you really are? What an amazing thing to discover.
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You are Beautiful

Life is all about perspective. None is better. You are the way you are as a perfect fit to fulfil purpose.
If someone tells you they are ‘COOLER’ than you, tell them you are ‘HOTTER’ than them.

Life is too beautiful to cry over not fitting the status quo…. Good   morning. God bless you special.

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