Buttermilk Biscuits

I think everyone needs to make buttermilk biscuits.  They’re flakey, tangy, buttery, and quite simply delicious.  I first fell in love with biscuits when I ate at Pine State Biscuits.  In my attempt to recreate their biscuit, here’s is my recipe.

Click the link for the recipe!


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Carnitas Slow Cooked Meat

I went to school in Portland, Oregon and would go to Por Que No? as often as I could.  Every time I had to get the carnitas.  Even to this day I crave their carnitas tacos. Since leaving Portland, I have attempted to recreate their amazing carnitas slow cooked meat.  This is my version.  It’s savory, herbaceous, and goes beautifully with the usual taco toppings: onion, cilantro, salsa, and cotija.

Click the link for the recipe…

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Seasoned French Fries

Seasoned french fries are a weakness of mine.  I’m pretty sure I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The only issue?  I don’t want to make homemade fries every time I crave them.  So, my way of getting my fry fix without much work is turning boring frozen fries into delicious fancy seasoned fries.

For the recipe, click the link below…


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Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

Looking for a cup of joe and homemade goodies?  Check out my list of the Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City.

*The coffee shops are listed in no particular order.

The Rose Establishment

Excellent coffee and food.  I have yet to eat a disappointing dish. I would sell my soul for their chocolate chip cookie or the avocado toast.  Or really anything else they serve.  My only advice is to get there early because their pastries often sell out before closing.

Click the link below to find out what other coffee shops are on the list…



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Must Have Monday 8.21.17

This week’s Must Have Monday is inspired by my time in South Korea.  It is…

A pair of scissors or kitchen shears.

You may question the use of scissors in the kitchen but they truly make prep time quicker and easier. In Seoul, I saw scissors mainly used to cut grilled meat, which worked great, but I have found it has many more uses.  Here are the items I use to cut scissors with:

  • Raw bacon, pancetta, or prosciutto
  • Herbs (chives work especially well)
  • Scallions
  • Slicing a quesadilla
  • Trimming fat off meat
  • Dicing up dried fruit
  • Slicing a pizza
  • Breaking up whole canned tomatoes
  • Romaine lettuce for salads


On Amazon, the prices for kitchen shears range from $10-$15.  I use regular scissors which work just fine.


A few recipes I have used scissors include deviled eggs and caesar salad

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