My dear co-bloggers:

First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you who are regularly stopping by my blog. I am excited every time I look at my booming stats and see yet another country on the list (today I have readers from 125 countries! that’s pretty amazing!!!). It is also great that a lot of you stay in touch via social networks or write to my e-mail. Thanks again! I truly love hearing from you!

blog-to-book-2As you know, people have different reading preferences. Some of us prefer to regularly read small texts; some others, on the contrary, prefer sorted and properly arranged material. It is especially with those people in mind, that I have put together a collection of my 50 best posts, sorted them in chapters and enhanced them with some additional comments and insights. This is how my book – “Everything a parent needs to know*” was born.

Therefore, if you prefer reading books or if you simply like what and how I write, you can now support me by purchasing my book.

The book is currently available for purchase on iBooks –> click here. If you prefer to read in a different format, please drop me a line at and we will figure it out.

Thanks again and have a great week!!!!


Maria a.k.a. Family Life CEO

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