What do your interests say about you?

Have you thought about why you find certain things attractive and pleasing, while others neutral, unpleasant or even repugnant. Of course, your unique upbringing and genetic make up interaction is to be held responsible, but it is not always possible to trace back specific events and modeling behaviors of our parents or siblings in order to explain our passions. Sometimes we are drawn to something we do not understand and there is a somewhat mystique atmosphere around those topics. Or we are drawn to the themes that can help us grow and become something more and something closer to our ideals.

Our ideals are the driving forces and they are closely related to our interests. You may think you do not have any ideals, but most certainly if you would take a closer look at why you are doing everyday activities, you will find an ideal form of self that tends to give you direction. It can be: I want to be always capable to provide for my family, or I want to learn more, I want to be productive and feel respected, etc. Sometimes, we do not want to admit to ourselves that we have any ideals, because it seems that only really young people are naive enough to have and believe in ideals and the harshness of life soon teaches us the lesson of realism. However, I am sure that your dreams are not really dead but only silenced. It even does not have to be something big like I want to be a world known artist or scientist. Our passions from childhood are based on a simple sensations of feeling happy and successful in what we do, and the pure enjoyment in participating in an activity.

We may never really know why we have developed our interests in certain topics but if we reflect on them we may find the underlying motivation that goes far back into our childhood. The sense of curiosity waken up when we read that book about space exploration or about human body can be brought to us again and give us a new energy.

By reviving those early visions of ourselves and modifying them to our current selves, the passion is born. Passion for life and change. Passion has a magnetic force and it is idealistic in its purest form, but it is realistic, as well, because it motivates the true action and creation. After all, our interests are being reshaped and remodeled in accordance with who we have become during the years. Take a closer look into your motivating forces inside and feel their magnetic push towards exploration.

You can see your profession and everyday activities as your calling as well, and seen this way, your personality and interests would expand beyond your mind. You are being called by and pulled towards the life itself.


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