100 beelden van de schattigste huisdieren ||100 images of the cutest pets – Theo-Herbots-Blogger Fotograaf

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Bron: 100 beelden van de schattigste huisdieren ||100 images of the cutest pets – Theo-Herbots-Blogger & Fotograaf

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Sunday Pause (Paws): For Family

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax and spend some time with family.

For this post, I have included pictures of just a few of my family members. They are photos I have taken recently while spending time with them. (Note: The photos of my parents didn’t have the greatest quality, so I did a lot of playing around with them and decided to turn them into more of “artwork” type photos. That is why they look as they do.)

My mom and I recently had the most enjoyable time going for a walk by a man-made body of water. We found a swing to sit on and we just kicked back, relaxed, and enjoyed the view while sipping on a Chai Latte from Starbucks (my favorite and I mean FAVORITE drink).

Happy Sunday! Read full post here.

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Sunday Pause (Paws): Just A Rose

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful things in life such as a picture of an adorable dog holding a rose in his mouth and a good poem. I happen to have both of these for you today.

Click here to see the full post and a poem read aloud by Colin Chappell.

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday Pause (Paws): Cino in Black & White

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and take a break from the busyness!

I have been having fun playing with photographs lately. I decided to turn some of the photos of Cino into black & white photos. So this Sunday, I would like to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them. My favorite is the one of my hand and Cino’s paw.

Take a look.

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday Pause (Paws): A Break for Adorableness

It’s Sunday! Warning: if you can’t handle a lot of “cute” then look away! Those of you who can, this Sunday we have a slideshow in honor of “Pet Parent Day” last Sunday.

Thank you to all who shared! These pictures all put a smile on my face! It was a joy seeing them and sharing them.

Pictures were shared by friends, coworkers, Facebook followers, and fellow bloggers. I would like to take a moment to share the bloggers who sent in a photo with the links to their blogs.

To see the full post with the slideshow, click here.

Happy Sunday!

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There Is Still Time To Share A Pet Pic


I wanted to let you know there is still time to share a picture of your pet! I will be posting them in a blog post tomorrow, May 7th, 2017. It was “National Pet Parent Day” last Sunday which gave me the idea to showcase our fur babies in honor of this day.

Full post and how to share here.

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Happy National Pet Parent Day!

Will you please share a photo of your pet with me? Just attach it in a comment on my Facebook Page Post or email it to animalsarefeelingbeingstoo@q.com.

I would like to make a blog post showcasing all of them. If you have already sent me a picture and would like me to use it, let me know. Otherwise you can send a new picture. It can be of just your pet or of you included in the picture.

Read the full post here.

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