Discovering Purpose

Stop thinking about talking to God and start talkin to him.

Goo morning.

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You are not an accident

The fact that we’re alive is not a mistake- Not by anyone. We must never accept a school of thought that belittles our existence and plays mockery to our purpose.

We are all called into the land of the living because only we, in our capacity and capabilities can accomplish ‘set’ destinies.

Go into this weekend knowing YOU ARE NOT AN ACCIDENT…

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Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. Check out my latest post about the consequences one faces when one decides to be purposeful.

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What do you blog about? And why?

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Watch out for Versed…

In pre-op a few weeks ago I was sitting alone waiting to be wheeled back for surgery. Trying to not be nervous I listened to some meditative music and was relaxing. A nurse came in and told me her name and said this is Versed, it will help calm you. I did not think I needed it but she injected it into my IV.  Next thing I remember was hearing a voice in the recovery room telling me to breath deeper over and over. Then I remember being in my room with my husband there.  OK, what happened after she gave me the drugs???  I do not remember laying down and falling asleep. Did I talk? And if I did what was I saying?? Little did I know it was an amnesia medication.

Well, most people would probably say how much they love their spouses, kids, and families.  Or that they would love to see world peace and blessings for all.  And then you have me. As much as I hope that I would say those beautiful words, it is more likely I was asking where the firemen strippers are and I need some chocolate cake (I had not had a bite of food or a drop of water for 24 hours at this point) Yeah, that is me. Does this make me worried? Not at all. Does this mean I am a bad person? Of course not. Anyone who knows me can tell you my family is the most important part of my life.  Do I want world peace? I strive to make every day better for many people which in turn creates peace in their lives which has the ripple effect.   What I am talking about is being real and honest.

How do you live real and authentic? Well, do you feel like you are able to speak from the heart without hurting anyone? Do you live with passion and purpose?  Can you remember a time when you felt like everything was in alignment with who you are?  If not then you are probably off your soul’s purpose and path.  Life is not perfect and has challenges but instead of looking at them like challenges look at them as stepping stones. Your reaction and ability to take the lesson from it are how you grow. That is why I love my job. I work with those are off the path and need to get back into living authentically.  By finding out how and when you strayed we can come up with a purposed plan.  What beliefs and blocks are you carrying around like dead weight?  If I don’t see tears then I am not seeing healing. Healing is not always pretty, you need to “feel” it to get through it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and if not then there is always some amnesia meds or firemen.



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