Time to exercise! No excuses!

To exercise, or not to exercise. That is the question

It’s really not a question. It’s an imperative. I got into a regular routine of walking daily when I was in process of losing 54 pounds last summer. I’ve fallen off the wagon, gained too much of it back, so I need to be out walkingfive days each week!
John Ed has some thoughts on exercising on For His Glory today. They’re well worth reading. See what you think over there.
And please don’t forget to leave me your feedback. Do you need to exercise too? Or will you remain sedentary like I’ve been doing?
Join me.

Let’s get up off our couches and hit the gym or the walking trail!!!

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Sustainability in Construction

We all are very much versed with the fact that the need of sustainability has evolved over the last few years. The construction industry is a major source of solid waste being sent to landfills every year which has caused a huge environmental concerns and its a high time that we start thinking about innovating technologies to reduce this impact. In view of this there are lots of potential options available in our hands. These days many organisations have come up with construction of buildings certified by LEED which is internationally recognized. Also many countries have there own certification authorities like GBCI India.

For more information regarding new technologies towards green building connect to my blog at Worldwidecivil

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