New Theme Radcliffe 2

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New FREE Blogging Tips and Advice // New FREE Blogging Tips and Advice

New Blog FREE Blogging Tips and Advice

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My Best Blogging Meetup Followers #HLNTienen

Sorry I have not long to hear from me.

I was very busy trying out a new template Twenty Seventeen theme. This template corresponds approximately to a different Lodestar

I let myself be charmed to move away from Lodestar over to Twenty Seventeen because of the fact that can be placed all over the top of a video.

However, it takes some time before this video appears actually so very hasty visitors has little effect. Moreover, I have already heard from several visitors received the video with them all “NOT” opens.

So I’m considering to switch back over to lodestar, because it looks better to me, especially the two-column format.

So it would be nice to take a look at the site today and op23 / 05/2017 again to come back to see how it looks there.

I give you the link of the site and it would be nice if you would like to follow me there.


If you want to know more about my beautiful city, you can log in directly to my site about this beautiful city #Tienen at the end of the video


Video –

Over dit Blog / Homepagina


Here the link


Theo Herbots from #Tienen

Bron: Notorious

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New Theme Lodestar

Consider what a wonderful possibilities with the new theme Lodestar
Here the example

It would be nice if you would liken and follow this blog
Already thank you very much
Theo Herbots


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