Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy Update

I’m officially 26 weeks!  According to What to Expect, I’m only 2 weeks away until I enter my third trimester.  Having been so busy this summer and now starting school again, I have been able to keep my mind off what’s arriving in mid November.

What’s new…

Heartburn.  Rumor has it the more heartburn you have, the more hair your baby will have.  Well, at this rate my baby is going to look like Big Foot.  I suffered early on with heartburn while pregnancy with Owen and he came out with so much hair the nurses showed him off to the other patients, doctors, nurses, or really anyone who would see.

Kicks.  The baby is kicking like a wild man at this stage.  It’s the most reassuring feeling knowing he is alive and moving.

Hip/Back Pain.  My hips hurt with Owen, so I was prepared for that.  Back pain, on the other hand, is a whole other ball game.  While it has gotten a bit better, a few weeks ago it felt like someone was ripping my lower back apart.  My doctor said it’s due to the hormones relaxing my joints and there wasn’t much I could do about it besides rest.  Rest?  Me rest?  Obviously my doctor doesn’t know me very well.  I kept doing my thing and the back pain has subsided for now…

Bigger Belly. Ian took my first baby bump photo yesterday (yes, I know I’m totally behind the 8 ball on this) so I could compare bump sizes between pregnancies.  This time I am quite a bit bigger.  I haven’t gained that much more weight (10 pounds so far) and I’m on track to gain about the same as I did with Owen (20 pounds) but I look and feel much bigger.  I’m assuming this means a bigger baby?  Owen was a little guy at 6 pounds 4 ounces, so we’ll see.

First pregnancy update 26 weeks

1st Pregnancy 26 Weeks

2nd Pregnancy Update 26 Weeks

2nd Pregnancy 26 Weeks

The Plan…

As of now, I have decided to schedule a c-section.  I had a c-section with Owen because my water broke but I wasn’t dialating, so after 19 hours of labor and stressful issues with Owen’s heart rate, I opted to get my little guy out safe and sound and have a c-section.

Since there is a risk of my uterus ripping open if I have regular birth, I decided to just schedule the labor and go from there.  If baby #2 decides to arrive earlier then that date we’ll just see what happens.  I’m not stressing over it like I did with Owen.  I learned labor plans often never turn out the way you think they will, so I figure there is no need stressing or over thinking the process.

I think it has finally hit home for Ian and I that we’re 3 months away from bringing another baby into the world. We’re starting to talk more about what the baby will look like and act like in comparison to Owen. We’re also starting to talk about babies with Owen.  He’s still so young that it’s hard to gather how much he understands, but we’re trying!

Does anyone have any advice about having a second kiddo?  How do we make the transition Owen easier?

Any suggestions would be lovely!

Recipes Pregnant Women Will Love

Buttermilk pancakes are light, tangy, and perfectly sweet.  Add a side of bacon and you’re in pregnancy heaven.

Cheese balls are not just for the holidays.  In fact I eat them year round.  When I’m pregnant I eat them more than I would like to admit.  The perfect appetizer for a party or an entree, if you’re a cheese and cracker lover like me.

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Life Update

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