This Tuesday’s Tale: Cino and the Vet Appointment

Since this Tuesday was Cino’s appointment at the vet, I thought I would share how it went in a story book kind of way for this Tuesday’s Tale.

There once was a cat named Cino
Who has a mom that loves her so
She is more than just an animal
But a family member don’t you know?

Play, eat, cuddle, & love
This is a day with her cat
She is more than just an animal
Oh, she is so much more than that!

Once a year off to the vet they go
For Cino this not a treat
She is more than just an animal
Her love just can’t be beat!

Blood was found in her urine sample
At the vet appointment last year
She is more than just an animal
So her mom went from joy to fear!

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Sunday Pause (Paws): Cino Update

It’s Sunday, time to take a paws like Cino pictured above! 🙂

I wanted to update you on how Cino is doing since her scary appointment in January. (If you didn’t see my earlier posts about this you can read them by clicking the following links: Prayers for Cino and Cino’s Appointment) Most of her tummy fur has grown back.

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HAPPY SUNDAY! It’s going to be beautiful weather here today!

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Are Animal Advocates Judgmental?

I’ve heard people say animal advocates are “judgmental.” So, I look at myself and I think…am I? Let me tell you a few stories.

Years ago I worked at an animal hospital. It was a weekend job caring for the animals that were boarded there. I was so excited! I was still trying to figure out where I wanted to put my passion for animals to use. I was so excited to learn and see if this might be the type of business I would want to be in. But I didn’t like the veterinarian and in the end, he said I was always asking questions and “suspicious.” Well…you be the judge.

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Routine Exams-Ugh!

I just had a bit of a scare being called back in for a recheck after a routine annual exam. Because of this, I asked others for prayer, prayed myself, and kept myself busy until the appointment. Our pets are not too fond of these annual exams either, but at least they do not know they are going until you take them. They don’t have to spend that “waiting” time. Waiting for the appointment day, waiting to be called in, and waiting for the results.

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