This Tuesday’s Tale: It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday so I thought I would do a little bit different kind of tale, a tale about me. This will be my first “Tuesday Tale” about a human. But hey, as I always say, we humans and animals are all living, feeling beings…so why not?!

At church this past Sunday, the sermon was about fear. In this sermon and the one before the topic of being frozen in life was spoken about. When you’re fearful, you become frozen. They go hand in hand.

What does this have to do with me? Well, here I am another year older and I have been thinking a lot about my life, especially the last few years.

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This Tuesday’s Tale: The Rescue Of A Stray Beach Dog


The tale of Blue

This is the tale of Blue. She lived on the beach following people around begging for affection until one day somebody finally rescued her.

I am a big fan of stories about rescued animals and I have been finding out there a lot of them. This makes me really, really happy! The part that makes me sad is that it seems there were so many other people who just “left her.” We would never do that if we saw a child on the beach alone. Why is it “ok” to leave a dog, that apparently has no “pet parent”, by itself on the beach?

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Do you have a rescue story you can share with me?

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Sunday Pause (Paws): Random Fun

It’s Sunday and after the rough few weeks I have had, I wanted to focus on some fun! Hope you’ll enjoy!

First…can you find the cat in the picture below?

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This Week’s Tuesday Tale Is Your Story: Domino


The tale of Domino told by Suze

When George and I were first married we made a sort of pact..when we adopted a pet it would be one that no one else wanted….an older dog or cat…maybe one with an illness. No baby animals for us. After all, everyone else seemed to want a cute little puppy or kitten. Those little guys had a chance at a home……..the older ones didn’t.

We both loved animals….we both had grown up with the same values, education…

This song sums up how we felt, and still feel.

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Sunday Pause (Paws)

Here we are again…it’s Sunday!

Winter has arrived where I live. The weather has been strange though. We have had warmer than normal temperatures and a lot of rain. If it weren’t for these warmer temperatures, that rain would have been snow, a lot of snow!

We actually have gotten some snow, but it has all melted away. Much colder temps are expected for next week, so I’m sure the snow will be here to stay soon and for MANY months.

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This Tuesday’s Tales Is Your Story


The tale of Cuddles told by Amy

Amy and I discussed her sharing a tale about one of her cats. Since she had written a post about one of them recently, we decided I would just share her story by reblogging it here on my blog. This is a great post that includes pictures and a video. Love it!

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Sunday Pause (Paws)

Thanksgiving is only a few days away. A time to reflect on what we are thankful for.

Here is a beautiful video of the sun shining over the water, the waves moving, and a beautiful song about what we can be thankful for and where it all comes from. I encourage you to view the pictures below as you listen to the video about these beautiful things.

It’s Sunday! Kick back, relax, and enjoy!

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Do Dogs Have Feelings?

I came across an article called “Do Dogs Have Feelings?” by Michael Arbeiter. My answer before reading it is, YES, all animals do!

This article mentions that dogs feelings (or emotions) can be things like fear, aggression, and panic. These feelings/emotions can cause behavior problems. There is also joy in animals.

“If I act very, silly, that’ll produce a joy that is greater in a dog than just wagging their tail. When you’re acting goofier-maybe you’re running around in the yard or you’re playing fetch-there’s a higher level of happiness.”

Quote above taken from the article by Michael Arbeiter

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Be sure to check out the video in the post and let me know what you think. It’s very powerful!

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‘5 Green Tomorrow Eco-Hits’ – audio tracks & videos

Post about Topical Songwriter Michel Montecrossa’s CD ‘5 Green Tomorrow Eco-Hits’ presenting Eco-Hits for the United Nations Climate Change Conference: ‘Green Tomorrow’, ‘Are You Gettin’ Ready?’, ‘Another World’, ‘Sunray Revolution’ and ‘Living On A Planet’.

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